Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This boy of mine....

is now 14 months old and proving to be quite a "spirited" little one! Tonight as we were trying to get him to wind down before bed, I got him ready for his bath and the moment his diaper was taken off he ran as fast as he could away from butt naked giggling in some sort of, "Look at me mom I am Freeeeee from my diaper and I love it!!!! Just watch me go!" He laughed and laughed and all I could do is giggle myself as he made circles in the living room with his blond little curls sticking straight out. He smelled like strawberries from dinner and he rubbed it all over his hair making it look wild and funny. It made his curls even curlier and he smelled even sweeter.

This boy of mine giggles in the car on the way to pick his dad up from work. At some point, he knows when crossing Wilshire Blvd that dada is on the next block. He squeals "dada daaaadaaa" and when he sees his dada walking towards the car he wiggles and wiggles with joy and anticipation for when his dad will open the door and kiss him on the cheek. This boy of mine laughs and wiggles all the way up the stairs after we pick Andy up from work. We have to hold onto him extra tight because he just cant contain his joy when he's in his dad's arms and easily wiggles so hard he could jump right out! This boy of mine LOVES his dada. Dada was his first word, and his first sign in sign language. I think that says something and it means so much to Andy.

This boy of mine is eating foods. REAL foods, with protein. I do not boast because I know there are sensitive hearts reading this, hoping their children will eat. I do not take this for granted and consider it a miracle. I express my love to all our friends who we have met who struggle with feeding their children and food allergies. It has made my heart softer because of this boy of mine. He still has a long way to go, but there is hope. There is hope for all of us in all our challenges, and this boy of mine teaches me that.

This boy of mine, after several months of concern from doctors and mom and dad, was not growing because of some things related to his allergies (height, or weight), but he is finally growing. I will love him no matter what because he is my son, but I am just happy for this. I look at him so often, and I think he is more beautiful and handsome than I could have ever imagined! He is no longer a baby and his face is changing but still so sweet.

This little boy of mine loves to be cherished. It is a daunting task to raise a boy. I want him to be a gentleman and to appreciate all there is in life and to love the Savior and to work hard and enjoy what gifts he has been given. I hope I can be the teacher that God intends me to be for him. I pray I will. This boy of mine radiates pure love and feels so much with his heart that I never want to break it.

This boy of mine is busy busy busy from dawn until dusk he does.not.stop.moving. He is sleeping better but doesn't like nap time. He never has since he was born, but we enjoy our days and when I get fed up or tired, I simply remember that this boy of mine will someday be a man and the days with him as a sweet small tot will pass quickly. I love this boy of mine.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Downton Abbey

I am obsessed on several levels because:
...they have the best script of any show I have ever watched. The writing is near perfect. It is complex, dramatic, funny, romantic, and alluring all at the most perfect moments. Then again, it is British/PBS, and they generally do seem to be on a higher level of maturity than some Americans and it's not reality trash TV, it makes me actually think and feel about life, not escape it.
...they have a phenom. cast!
...the complexity and relate-ability of every character is deep and good.
...the acting is insanely top notch.
...the house is it's own character and gorgeous
...I could go on and on
...what I would give to be on a show like that! It's a breath of fresh air!! Someone send me the casting office's number cause my acting headshot and resume are ready!! For now, season 3 come out already!

Monday, March 19, 2012


...Coming soon!! We're feeling very grateful and humble for Jacob's progress with his food allergies. Stay tuned!

Sick baby

The difference two days makes!!!

Last week started off pretty miserable for Jake. He started coughing and I thought he might have some allergies, then the next day he woke up looking miserable. I thought he'd captured phenomena he looked so pitiful. He had a puffy face and was coughing and all he wanted to do was cuddle and watch Elmo all day, and so that is what we did. I cherished it. I think on Tuesday he didnt even crawl or walk AT ALL. It was a sweet time to hold him and snuggle and he slept really great despite being all plugged up. Then as quickly as it came, it left and he was back to being his happy self. You just never know with kids. I thought he'd be sick for at least a week, but no, just two days. By Thursday he was laughing and giggling and it was refreshing to see him feeling better. I'm glad last week is over cause Andy worked over 80 hours, NOT including the weekend hours he spent slaving away his soul to LEK.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown LA is really fun. It's also really scary. The mix makes it for an adventure and we took my parents there and we walked probably around 5 miles just checking it out. We went back and went swimming and then ate at the restaurant LA Prime. It was DIVINE! Oh man, the food was just gorgeous and the view was stunning. Jake was amazing for the 2 1/2 hours we were there. He really was so well behaved which was a special treat.

LA is really beautiful. We saw the green mountains and all the city lights come on with a sunset and ocean on one side and the bustling city and Hollywood on the other. LOVED it! Also, Jake really LOVES his grandpa. He got to ride on his shoulders pretty much for the whole walk downtown and he tapped and bounced and oohed and ahed. It was too cute!

Point Fermin Tidepools

We had a lot of fun when my parents were here just over a week ago. My mom LOVES tide pools so we visited the Point Fermin Tidepools in Long Beach. It is gorgeous and we even saw an octopus. I tried catching it, but after touching it several times, I got a little nervous that it could hurt me. Later, a school group came and so we told the teacher there was an octupus in the tide pool. She said they wont hurt you, maybe ink you, which she said is sticky and groose, or their beak could pearce the skin. In fact, she said they are very curious and will come to you if you put your hand out. For some reason, sticking my hand around a dark crevice and letting it wrap it's tentacles around my hand freaked me out, so one of her students tried and ended up trying to grab it and then it just lodged itself further under a rock. It was pretty exciting though. The pools were teaming with life and I did capture a small rock crab for my mom.

Get Lucky Saint Patrick's Day Cupcakes

For some reason I really wanted to make cupcakes on Friday for Saint Patrick's Day. I had such good intentions of dropping them off at our friend's doors with some kind of fun note, but half way through I realized that our milk was sour and I was too tired to go to the store. I put the rest of the ingredients in the fridge and didn't finish them until tonight...now St.Paddy's day is over!! BUT I did at least want to share THE ULTIMATE VANILLA CUPCAKE RECIPE EVER found here. They pretty much rocked the planet. I used my go-to vanilla frosting recipe to top them off. It's a great tasting, great piping frosting from good ol'Martha found here. I went to the front yard and found some sprigs of clover (yes they are safe to eat although not super great with sugary stuff). I washed them and pressed them flat and put them on top. Hurray for lucky cupcakes! I ate four so I'm hoping this week will spring forth some good fortune at the end of the rainbow cause this week was really tough! Cheers!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Love this Quote

A quote like this makes the hard days worth it. It gives me perspective and joy because in the end, when all is said and done, it is love that keeps these four walls together...not the piles of laundry, the dark circles under the eyes, or everyday frustrations with raising a child.

The world may say that other paths are more full-fulling, and they can seem oh so alluring and lucrative, but I cant imagine coming to the end of the road without my little family. You cant take a career, your makeup bag, or all the shinning jewels of the world with you, but you can take love and all that is good and change generations for eternity because of faith in the Savior taught in the home. I'm grateful for that knowledge. It keeps me going.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eyes, Ears, Mouth, and Nose

We've been working on a lot of words over here! Jake's Great Grandma Carson knitted a tiny baby blanket and put a baby in it for Jake to learn facial features. He did great! Then, I asked him to kiss the baby, and you know what?! He did it! Then I asked him to hug the baby, and he did it! Life is pretty brilliant. It fills my heart to see him learn and grow!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Babycakes NYC

My parents, baby Jake, Andy and I ventured through downtown LA in search for babycakes cupcakes and to tour the city (I'll post some touring pics in a bit).

Originally, the gluten, soy, egg, dairy free cupcake and sweet shop hails from NYC, but there is one in LA. SO while mom and dad were here for a medical conference, we decided to go try it out!

We walked a few city blocks to get there and I was super excited because of some great reviews and I own two of their books. I was however...disappointed. First, the shop was small and not very clean, NOTHING like the books, and the cupcakes well...they were just ok. Pretty dense, but I dont want to be too harsh cause if you cant eat a lot of things, they would rock. We tried the mint chocolate chip and the carrot cake. At least, the pink box that the cupcakes came in was cute!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Recently, I got an online flash deal for some eyebrow maintenance on gilt group to a hot new makeup lounge called Blushington in West Hollywood!

I'm no frequent spa go-er and I really don't have bushy eyebrows or even care to get anything like this done. I just do it myself, but for a great deal, I had my eyebrows gently tweezed and snipped like a pro (yeah, who knew you can get your eyebrows clipped?). It was so subtle and so nice...I really like what was done.

The atmosphere is really cheery. You can tell they really invested in a color scheme and a solid brand. It's so girly and I loved their fresh blush and cream tones and the great service. I would recommend this place to anyone if you ever so happen to need some lil pampering.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Walk with me

We had another BEAUTIFUL day in WEST LA last week at the end of February. This week not so much, but when it's nice we walk around our Westwood neighborhood and adore all the little homes and the gardens. Each time we go we find something bright and beautiful. This time it was these flowers.

Sad Face

This is the face we see when I leave the house or do something other than sit and play with Jake. Baby boy waits at the gate and cries. Poor baby.

BIrthday wishes

Another year goes by and it's my birthday again....I just cant believe how fast it goes. As a child, it felt like my birthday would never come, but now before I can breath it's here again! This year was a big birthday, as in I remember when my mother turned 30! Age is just a number right?? I still feel like I am in my 20s, but on Saturday March 3rd, I said goodbye to my twenties and hello to my thirties. Sounds so crazy to even say that and even odd to admit, but I'm going to take it gracefully! 30 has never felt better and I sure hope I am the wiser for it!

Each year, I think about what I've learned, and hope that I have grown in some way. All my birthday wishes came true, and I am thankful. Thankful for a sweet baby boy who is eating so well now, thankful for a husband who works hard, but even harder to love us even when we're a wee bit grumpy, thankful for a mom and dad who drop everything to help a family member in need, thankful for friends who have helped us in countless ways, thankful for a bright future ahead. Thankful for so many other people and things. My heart was filled to the brim on my birthday!

I really loved my twenties...went on a mission, graduated college, ran a marathon, married my sweet hubby, had a baby. I've learned a ton and still am learning life lessons. Lets hope I learn quicker this go around!

The weather on my birthday was a gorgeous. My mom was here and she made me pancakes for breakfast!! We went for a walk and enjoyed some sunshine. Jake got his first sunburn and ate some dirt.

Andy took me out to LaJiRaffe in Santa Monica. Owned by a french surfer, turned chef, it has a nice vibe on a bustling street corner in SM. Their Molten Chocolate Cake is the best, and it tasted really good after deciding to hold off on sweets until I could sink my teeth into some of that goodness. I also recommend the pork chops with apple chutney and the sweet corn ravioli with some type of fancy sounding cream sauce. It is so light and lush that you'll want more.

Thanks for all the wishes. It was a great day!