Saturday, March 10, 2012

Babycakes NYC

My parents, baby Jake, Andy and I ventured through downtown LA in search for babycakes cupcakes and to tour the city (I'll post some touring pics in a bit).

Originally, the gluten, soy, egg, dairy free cupcake and sweet shop hails from NYC, but there is one in LA. SO while mom and dad were here for a medical conference, we decided to go try it out!

We walked a few city blocks to get there and I was super excited because of some great reviews and I own two of their books. I was however...disappointed. First, the shop was small and not very clean, NOTHING like the books, and the cupcakes well...they were just ok. Pretty dense, but I dont want to be too harsh cause if you cant eat a lot of things, they would rock. We tried the mint chocolate chip and the carrot cake. At least, the pink box that the cupcakes came in was cute!!!

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  1. I had to stop writing bakery reviews because so many let me down....just because it is gluten free and egg free doesn't mean it has to be yuck...they should try harder. I had them in NYC and was sadly disappoint too