Thursday, March 22, 2012

Downton Abbey

I am obsessed on several levels because:
...they have the best script of any show I have ever watched. The writing is near perfect. It is complex, dramatic, funny, romantic, and alluring all at the most perfect moments. Then again, it is British/PBS, and they generally do seem to be on a higher level of maturity than some Americans and it's not reality trash TV, it makes me actually think and feel about life, not escape it.
...they have a phenom. cast!
...the complexity and relate-ability of every character is deep and good.
...the acting is insanely top notch.
...the house is it's own character and gorgeous
...I could go on and on
...what I would give to be on a show like that! It's a breath of fresh air!! Someone send me the casting office's number cause my acting headshot and resume are ready!! For now, season 3 come out already!

1 comment:

  1. I'M SO GLAD YOU'VE WATCHED IT!!!! I'm obsessed as well...but I've only seen season 1! How did you get your hands on season 2? is it out already?