Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This boy of mine....

is now 14 months old and proving to be quite a "spirited" little one! Tonight as we were trying to get him to wind down before bed, I got him ready for his bath and the moment his diaper was taken off he ran as fast as he could away from butt naked giggling in some sort of, "Look at me mom I am Freeeeee from my diaper and I love it!!!! Just watch me go!" He laughed and laughed and all I could do is giggle myself as he made circles in the living room with his blond little curls sticking straight out. He smelled like strawberries from dinner and he rubbed it all over his hair making it look wild and funny. It made his curls even curlier and he smelled even sweeter.

This boy of mine giggles in the car on the way to pick his dad up from work. At some point, he knows when crossing Wilshire Blvd that dada is on the next block. He squeals "dada daaaadaaa" and when he sees his dada walking towards the car he wiggles and wiggles with joy and anticipation for when his dad will open the door and kiss him on the cheek. This boy of mine laughs and wiggles all the way up the stairs after we pick Andy up from work. We have to hold onto him extra tight because he just cant contain his joy when he's in his dad's arms and easily wiggles so hard he could jump right out! This boy of mine LOVES his dada. Dada was his first word, and his first sign in sign language. I think that says something and it means so much to Andy.

This boy of mine is eating foods. REAL foods, with protein. I do not boast because I know there are sensitive hearts reading this, hoping their children will eat. I do not take this for granted and consider it a miracle. I express my love to all our friends who we have met who struggle with feeding their children and food allergies. It has made my heart softer because of this boy of mine. He still has a long way to go, but there is hope. There is hope for all of us in all our challenges, and this boy of mine teaches me that.

This boy of mine, after several months of concern from doctors and mom and dad, was not growing because of some things related to his allergies (height, or weight), but he is finally growing. I will love him no matter what because he is my son, but I am just happy for this. I look at him so often, and I think he is more beautiful and handsome than I could have ever imagined! He is no longer a baby and his face is changing but still so sweet.

This little boy of mine loves to be cherished. It is a daunting task to raise a boy. I want him to be a gentleman and to appreciate all there is in life and to love the Savior and to work hard and enjoy what gifts he has been given. I hope I can be the teacher that God intends me to be for him. I pray I will. This boy of mine radiates pure love and feels so much with his heart that I never want to break it.

This boy of mine is busy busy busy from dawn until dusk he does.not.stop.moving. He is sleeping better but doesn't like nap time. He never has since he was born, but we enjoy our days and when I get fed up or tired, I simply remember that this boy of mine will someday be a man and the days with him as a sweet small tot will pass quickly. I love this boy of mine.

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  1. Stacey, you are such a good mommy! I agree, raising a boy into a gentleman is a big challenge. But we're up to the challenge!