Friday, March 25, 2011

Jake the Movie Star!

Jake is going to be on National Television! We were at the pediatrician's office and we met a lady who knew a talent agency looking for newborns. Jake was immediately cast on an episode of the TLC show "I Didnt know I was Pregnant." In the episode they reenact what really happened. I am not sure the whole story of the episode, but I do know that it was a really touching moment for me when I saw Jake in the little hospital crib being rolled in, and then seeing the actors joy when they "met" their new little bundle of joy. I thought of how I felt when I met my little boy and I love him so so much. He kept staring at the camera and it made everyone laugh. He was looking at it like, What the heck is that big object in the sky?! It was funny. The camera guy laughed and said, "Yup, it IS all about YOU, isnt it?!!"

We had to drive to a set in downtown LA at 8 in the morning, but traffic surprisingly wasnt bad! They had a baby nurse on set and and he was assigned a social worker that made sure he was treated well. It was really neat. My mom was able to come with us, and Jake was an angel. I was so worried about him crying, but he shone like the bright star I know he is. I dont know if he will do anything else in the future, but we had a great time!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out!

Nothing melts my heart more than this:

Andy is the best dad! He is what I call the "baby whisperer". He can get Jake to sleep in no time flat after a huge screaming fit! I think it's absolutely darling!

We are lucky to have such a sweet dad and husband!

Monday, March 21, 2011

March Madness

March has been a whirlwind month, holy smokes! Starting with my birthday, which I didnt even realize was on it's way, then Andy reminded me and I couldnt believe a year flew by like THAT! Then Jake was blessed, and we had family come and go. It was wonderful and action packed, and we even threw a trip to Disneyland in there! I hope I can find some time catching up! Also, Jake is 2 months old tomorrow! He doesnt sleep much at night still, which may or may not attribute to my constant fatigue (it really has been a hard challenge), but I love my little boy and he keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Birthday Surprise

My birthday started with several SHORT naps with Jake. After a night of taking care of my insomniac newborn, I decided to call the pediatrician and take him in to make sure he isn't sick He had cried most of the night and morning, and trust me, I did not want to spend my birthday with him at the doctors, but I felt like I'd rather know if something was wrong or not. As soon as we got to the doctors, Jake started cooing and smiling and stopped his crying. I mean seriously? The doctor was really nice and probably thought I was just a silly new mom....ah well. He's fine! Must have been something I ate that bugged him?!? Le Mystere!

The best part of my birthday was that Andy surprised me and got off work early and we went to a really unique restaurant in Santa Monica called Jiraffe! That's french for Giraffe! It was AMAZING! I highly recommend that place if you are in town or live here! It is a bit more on the expensive side, but we havent gone out for a while! Jake's birthday present to me was sleeping the whole 3 hours we were out! Good boy!

The waitress was super sweet and said to love every minute with a newborn, even the wee morning hours. She said, "Enjoy the Sunrises" because they wont last forever. She made me cry!

I appreciate the calls and messages from friends and family! That truly makes my day the best!
Here are some pics from dinner! The best part, A CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH an EIFFEL TOWER TOPPER! Je l'adore! Parfait! C'est incroyable!