Monday, March 19, 2012

Sick baby

The difference two days makes!!!

Last week started off pretty miserable for Jake. He started coughing and I thought he might have some allergies, then the next day he woke up looking miserable. I thought he'd captured phenomena he looked so pitiful. He had a puffy face and was coughing and all he wanted to do was cuddle and watch Elmo all day, and so that is what we did. I cherished it. I think on Tuesday he didnt even crawl or walk AT ALL. It was a sweet time to hold him and snuggle and he slept really great despite being all plugged up. Then as quickly as it came, it left and he was back to being his happy self. You just never know with kids. I thought he'd be sick for at least a week, but no, just two days. By Thursday he was laughing and giggling and it was refreshing to see him feeling better. I'm glad last week is over cause Andy worked over 80 hours, NOT including the weekend hours he spent slaving away his soul to LEK.

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