Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Worry, No Hurry Car

Not a Christmas photo, still have to download those, but this is the monitor that records contractions, heart beats, and kick-counts.

We had a Very Vegas Christmas.

Last Thursday, after my docs appt, we ran home, Andy packed the car while I watched patiently and drove to Vegas baby! She did say it did not look like we'd have a Christmas baby, and after a lengthy discussion, we decided that if I could lie down in the back, and if I could take it easy we could go. Andy called it the "No Worry, No Hurry" car. It was the best car ride EVER!

We really wanted to see family for Christmas, and we are thankful we went and returned baby-free. *Sigh* Our last holiday sans infant. It was super special and we had a fabulous time watching movies galore, eating, sleeping, playing games, and loving being with family.


  1. You are very lucky to have a ready but not overdue baby! Eliot was a week late. Looks like you'll be enjoying your little man sooner than later.

  2. love the photo! Can't wait to say hi to the lil man!

  3. Just wait, he's going to come late and wait until Feb and all this confusion will be just part of the ride! Ha ha!