Thursday, December 30, 2010

Out of the Danger Zone!

I love this picture. I call it the 'Finger of Chase' (look up Michelangelo Finger of God painting if you are confused). My nephew Chase poking the 'button' aka my belly at Thanksgiving. He thought it was pretty cool! I like to think he understands that his cousin is waiting to meet him and he cant resist telling him Hi!

We MADE IT! 36 weeks never felt sooo good! I have been given permission to walk around, so walk around we did. We hit IKEA, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Cafe Rio today, and I cleaned out my closet and we dropped off stuff to Goodwill! It felt wonderful to be out and about and not stress about our little guy being born too early.

We had our weekly checkup with Doc Morrison (i LOVE her!). Still having contractions and I have to say, I've got a really nice one pack going on with my ab muscles! I'm kidding, but as she was doing an ultrasound doc said, "Hey, there goes a contraction as my stomach hardened super tight." Amazing that the body just knows what to do.

Baby Boy 36 week Update:
-His daddy has been able to attend almost all of his checkup visits with Doc Morrison! Dad loves seeing his buddy and mom feels blessed he can be there for loving support!
-He still has his head down
-He has NOT dropped yet
-He must be ticklish
-He looked like a little doll in the ultrasound pic (as much as I could tell from a 2-d photo), but he looked so sweet!!!
-He remains active from 2-6am in the morning, preparing mom for some nighttime adventures
-He likes to play with his hands next to his face
-He could come at any moment and we would be out of the "premature/preemie" stage

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  1. I totally remember that picture! Was that the one at the kitchen sink? -Kristin