Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cupcakes and Contractions

Today was our scheduled 34 week checkup. I asked some questions about not feeling too great lately and not feeling little boy moving as much as usual. The nurse hooked me up to a machine to check kick counts and heartbeats. She asked if I had eaten and I said a little, but wasn't feeling to great. She asked if I wanted a cupcake while I was hooked up to the machine so I wouldn't get lightheaded?! YES PLEASE!!! I love cupcakes. These weren't just any cupcakes. They were SPRINKLES cupcakes from Beverly Hills. I've never tasted such a yummy cupcake in my life... dark Belgian chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting! I have always wanted to try them but not enough to pay for them! Thank you to whomever brought them to the office!

As I'm sitting there peacefully listening to baby's heart beat and dropping crumbs all over my stomach, loving every bite, the nurse comes in checks the charts and says, "Do you know you are having mild contractions?!"

"Ummm...Yes and no?!! Woooahhha wwait what? I've never felt them before!" I was a little too into the cupcake that it came as a surprise! Double surprises for me! Free cupcake and contractions!

I guess that explains the pains, the bad nights, etc. Always trust your body! I'm so glad I mentioned some things to my doc and it makes sense why I have been feeling different. She said the body is focusing more on the contractions (which are currently mild and intermittent) and less on baby, so that is why I haven't felt him moving as much even though he is just fine and he loved the cupcake too. They are running some more tests to check just how early he might come.

I called Andy to give him the update. He is so sweet, but was wondering if it was real? Reality hits pretty quickly sometimes and for both of us, this would be really fast. We're hoping to get a "fully cooked baby" as the doc says and so I'm on strict bed rest.

Any Christmas movies or suggestions for bed rest would be much appreciated.

Cupcake anyone?


  1. Wow that is sudden! Glad you were able to catch problems early. Sorry you are on bedrest, I was scared with Zeke that I would have to do that but fortunately I didn't. Although 'fully cooked' is worth it I think. :) My Christmas movie suggestion is 'While you Were Sleeping'. Keep us posted on how you two are doing!!

    And btw I'm so jealous of your cupcake. When I needed sugar for my nonstress tests they gave me kool-aid :)

  2. I never got cupcakes at my check ups!! Lucky girl.

    Enjoy being lazy & not feeling guilty about it. If you need any movies let us know, we have a ton!