Saturday, December 18, 2010

LEK Christmas Party

Last Friday we gussied all up for Andy's work party at a really neat place called Shutters in Santa Monica. Getting ready just about tuckered me out with all the pregnancy aches and pains.

Shutters is a hotel, restaurant, party place right on the beach. We arrived early in style, pulling up to the valet parking in our '99 Chevy Prism, right next to the BMWs and Mercedes and Audis. I've never loved my car more ;-) ...seriously! Ha ha!

We arrived for cocktail hour so I could get to know Andy's co-workers, who I really like. We of course are known as the Mormons, as if my belly doesn't give that away, we got ginger ale at the bar and started talking to everyone. I met several of Andy's coworkers, one of whom said I was looking very plump and round to which I replied he was looking very dapper and sharp, but I kinda wish I would have just replied, "You too!" I kicked myself for not acting on my feet quicker, but I blame my pregnancy brain for that and for a lot of things nowadays.

I met another one of Andy's co-workers who exclaimed he had gotten a ginger ale and was holding the same glass I was with a substance that looked just like what I had. I told him I did too, and then he looked at me funny and said, "I can think of two reasons why that would not be ok! I got a GIN and Ginger Ale." Ohhhhhh I could have sworn he just said ginger ale. We all laughed about that.

Then just Andy and I walked out and listened to the waves and in the distance you could see the Santa Monica Pier. It was misty and cold outside, and it was fun to be out there just Andy and I. We went back inside and ate a yummy dinner, watched Andy star in a new hire video making fun of the partners and the office. As most everyone started getting tipsy, we took off in our little car!

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