Thursday, December 2, 2010


It happened! NO, not birth silly, the moment someone you dont know claims you are going to give birth at any moment even though 2 months stands between now and the actual process. I pretty much laughed it off for several reasons.

I got a seasonal job at JCREW to keep me out of the house and busy while Andy works 10 hr days, plus it only takes a few minutes to walk there from our house. Well the culprit, an elderly Beverly Hills socialite walked in and I assisted her in her shopping affairs. She was very lovely until she started getting fed up not being able to find the EXACT shirt her friend had at some cocktail dinner. She sits down and after all the stores in the nation did not have it, she was infuriated and out of no where said under her breath, "You look like you're going to burst any day now." I get it...I cant find her shirt...she blames the pregnant associate. That's fine, I can take it! It doesnt bug me because I know her comment was more speared by not being able to get something she really wanted. I get like that when I want some candy or cookies and Andy dear gets the blunt of my frustration when I discover I have already eaten the whole bag of m&ms. Oh the joys!


  1. You are far to nice, I would have said," looks like your gonna burst first biatch"

  2. ahhh ha ha! I would love to see a pregnant Monica say that to someone! Oh man!