Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kids always say it best!

I teach a 5 year old Sunday school class. I announced to them that I would be gone next month because we are having a baby boy. One of my students declared pointing to my stomache, "I knew it, it's like huge."

I can always count on my class to make me laugh! Never a dull moment!!

We also had a conversation about dying. It came up because we were talking about Noah's ark and all the animals and it really had nothing to do with the lesson. J, a 5 year old autistic kid in my class, really loves his dog Scout. Every week he reminds the class that Scout is afraid of dying (I think it is more his fear than his dogs), but one classmate has had enough of him bringing this up. The conversation went like this:

"Scout doesn't want to die," interrupts J .
"I know you love your dog J," I say.
"J, EVERYONE Dies," shouts 5 year old L as she rolls her eyes. Like DUH!

*Names have been abbreviated to protect the innocent

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