Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crime Week

It's been a great week for crime in our area! We've been surprised by current events and luckily they have only been "minor" events which could have been much worse.

Crime #1:

A helicopter circles our neighborhood for what seems to be 2 hours spotlighting a certain area. Broadcasting from the helicopter were such phrases such as,
"You have one minute to surrender yourself."

It looked and sounded like a movie set, but then my friend tells me via facebook she cant leave her house because cops are trying to catch 2 guys for some odd reason. I still have yet to find the story online, and when I hear a plane overhead I get nervous.

Crime #2:

A call from our trusty credit card company to let us know $700 has been charged at a GROCERY STORE! Geeze, I cant remember the last time I spent that much at a GROCERY store let alone ANY STORE! Payment was stopped, thank goodness, but someone stop the idiot who tried to swipe our card. I hope the person at the register was smart enough to check the moron's ID before he/she took off with the goodies...I am still wondering how they got our card cause we both have our wallets and all our cards.

Crazy week but I'm thankful cause it always could be worse.


  1. It's those dang taxi cab drivers. (UTAXILATE)

  2. I had my wallet stolen once and someone spent over $300 at a gas station! I've learned it's probably alcohol, cigarettes, or lottery tickets. However, two of the three require an ID so you wouldn't think they would use a stolen card...