Thursday, January 20, 2011


We are now the proud owners of an awesome orange jogging stroller (found on craigslist for $50, originally $200, in great condition). Yes, it has wheels, but we did some deep cleaning. One can never be too careful caring for a wee little babe. Andy is so excited it's not even funny! I am excited to get my bootay in gear and start running again with the chub riding along!

We had our 39 week update today! Full term is 40-42 weeks. One way or another we will have a little baby in 2 weeks or less, NO later than Feb 3rd (doctor wont let the baby grow to 10 lbs before delivery..bless her SOUL!).

AHHHHH! This is all Scary and Exciting! I've said it before, but I thought we'd have this little guy by now. I saw his cute chubby cheeks, lips, and face today. He still has lots of amniotic fluid around him (good sign for his health) and is still head down. He might as well have a pina colada in his hand, kicking back, hands behind his head. He's looking pretty healthy and happy, and possibly too comfortable.Jumping jacks here I come baby!


  1. Once Baby T gets here, we'll need to get together & walk on the beach boardwalk in Santa Monica. It goes for miles...great workout pushing the babies.

  2. Yes! Lets do Erinn! That would be really awesome!

  3. Aren't jogging strollers great? I love mine. Good luck with the last few hours/days of pregnancy!