Monday, January 10, 2011

Pigs and Cows

Did you know that pigs and cows don't have c-sections and humans shouldn't either?! either, but that is what a grandma at the grocery store told me as I was trying to find some syrup for my pancakes.

I don't plan on it. Doc says there is a reason women have the organs that they do. I completely agree with doc, not with crazy pig and cow grandma. BBBUT just to verify, our farmer friend told us that if the situation turns into an emergency and there is a trained veterinarian on hand, cows and pigs DO have c-sections. Cows have them standing up. Imagine that...OK don't cause I really don't want to picture that. Thank goodness for modern science miracles...Mmooving right along.

People say the darnedest things to pregnant women!


  1. lesson! Oh dear...

  2. lol I haven't had nearly as many funny comments in 2 pregnancies as you have had since you moved to LA. :) And c sections aren't as bad as some people would lead us to believe....

  3. Crazy grandma's don't stop giving out free advice after you delivery just keeps coming.

  4. Hey Turners! Thanks for your Christmas card. Now that I have your address, I will send you a card from us, even though it is late. I enjoyed catching up by reading your blog. I am not the most regular poster on ours, but I am trying to keep it current. Good luck with the new baby. We will have to line our kids up one day! Your son will be six months older than our daughter. Perfect! Love you guys. Happy New Year.