Monday, July 23, 2012

First Family Campout

Andy got off work early on Friday and so I packed up our camping gear  in a fury and we drove 2 hours away to Sulfur Campground in the mountains near Mirror Lake to meet up with Lynda and Ryan (bro and sis in law).  It was gorgeous.  We got there just as the rain stopped and Jake was LOVIN it.  I was loving it.

During the day, Jake stands at the door a bazillion times and says OUT OUT OUT! Well, here we were OUTSIDE and he didn't have to ask, we were there in his element.  Happy boy.  He was in heaven.  I gathered firewood while Andy put up the tent, but funny story.  I FORGOT the TENT! Of all things.  I grabbed the wrong bag, and brought an air mattress instead.  I am so cool.  NO, not really, but Lynda and Ryan are, and they offered to sleep in their car and let us sleep in their tent.  Jake did pretty good.  I would call it a sucess. He was so tuckered out from wandering around that evening that he stared up at the tent ceiling for a while, turned his head and nodded off to lalaland.  Thank you nature.

That night, it was cold.  Bitter cold.  I didn't expect to sleep, but instead just change my attitude and try and enjoy a sleepless night.  It was kinda funny.  Jake kept waking up and looking around in a daze like What the? Where am I?  Oh wait, there's mom and dad, and he would whine, then his head would hit the pillow and he'd go to sleep.  I finally drifted off sometime around 4 just after it rained a bit.  WE all were awake by 6:45, at least our eyes were open.  Jake's face was hilarious when he woke up.  I will attempt to post a video but he was thrilled with it all and he was so cute! It's like he had been inducted into some awesome new club or something. He wanted immedietly to go outside with Lynda and Ryan and when we opened the tent door he screamed their names.

We ate some breakfast and walked around the campground, streams, and explored our area.

One of my favorite memories of the whole trip was when we sang one of Jake's favorite songs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and we pointed to all the stars in the sky.  It was a sweet family moment.  Thank you again Nature.


  1. I remember Eric's first time camping, he loved it as well... Looks like you all had fun (even with some mishaps and sleepless night!)
    I just have to say we have the same counting book too ;).

  2. This was a great adventure! I love how they react when they find out they can be outside all day and night! :)