Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Montana 2012- Part I

We just got back from my favorite peaceful place in the US, Montana.  This year was one of my favorites for so many reasons.  Each year is special, but we had such a great time.  The kids were all so wonderful and even on the 7 hour drive in the ONE big old party van we shared, Jake LOVED being surrounded by his cousins.

I feel like every time I go to Montana, I learn something new about myself (good and bad) because it is so remote and you really have to step back and enjoy the ride.  My family learned quickly that I loose my cool when we drive an hour in the wrong direction after miscommunication with the other car.  I was just worried about Jake, but funny thing, he was fine, and we all did fine, and we ended up seeing some really cool things.  So this year, I just needed to take a breath and enjoy it.   So my loving family helped me out, and we had some GREAT adventures!

On our way up, we stopped into the Walmart in Idaho falls and let the kids bounce around and get all the groceries we needed.  Jake literally ran up and down every isle after being in the car.  He was giggling and knocking things over on the shelves.  What a goof.  We arrived to the cabin at dinner time and my Grandma Carson made us an amazing roast.  Nothing like pulling up to that!!! Jake was once again, loving being with his cousins and I really felt my heart explode with love for my family. 

On our first day, we woke up to my mom and dad making their family famous whole wheat pancakes and Jake ate them with a fork.  Way to go little man! We mostly relaxed and let the kids run around the cabin, play with bugs dirt and grass and swing on the swing-set.  All the while, the boys painted and finished some work my grandpa needed done on the weathered pine pillars and posts on the outside of the cabin.  Later, we went fishing to our secret favorite fishing hole, and found fresh mountain strawberries.  They are the sweetest things you'll ever try, but they are very hard to find, and so tiny.  I wish I knew when they were in full season, but every year we always manage to find a few.  Jake really loved them!!!


We finished our first day with another amazing meal with the family, and a beautiful sunset.  The weather was so nice the entire time, even a bit hot, but at the end of our trip it cooled off and we enjoyed some hot cocoa by the fireplace.  More photos and adventure to come!

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