Monday, July 23, 2012

18 months

Jake is now 18 Months Old!! How and WHEN did this happen?  I am not really sure, but it happened quickly.  He is now in nursery at church and his first day went great, except for the end when he stood at the door and cried and said, "Out"! 10 kids in one room for two hours would make anyone tired. ;-) He loved singing time! He has missed our mom and music class in LA, and to see him smile when we started sining was so fun!   He enjoyed snack time and was a little hoover trying to eat everyone's crumbs after they were done.  Yuck. Silly boy.  He got tired towards the end, but I would say this milestone was a success!!  Keep going baby boy!

Here are some facts about Jake we don't want to forget.

Jake's words:
Flowa or Flower
Bubble-His first two syllable word
Ba-Bath, Bah for sheep
Bup-Up as in PICK ME UP NOW!
Shhh-Shoe and shh
Bahbah-Bottle or drink
heehehe-Gigglebellies video (they make a laughing sound so he does that when he wants to watch it)

Just today he said:
slide, camera, and bird...not sure if they will stick, but he's picking up what we're putting down! Go Jake!

He also says all kinds of unintelligible baby babble that only he understands.  This leads to frustration, and frustration leads to slamming cupboards, screaming, scratching, and all out fits.  It's tough when you can't tell people what you want, SO we try with sign language.

Here are some signs he has solidified:

He loves animals and making animal sounds:

Bahhh for Sheep
RAWR for Lions, bears, and dragons
fffff for dog

Jake is very active.  He is hard wired with no off switch.  He wants to escape any containment, doesn't understand no means NO, run from any diaper change, cry at all signs of going into his car seat, smash food on the floor, pound his butt so hard against his closet door that it breaks off, eat the carpet, run naked screaming with joy through the house as he stomps and pounds the ground laughing so hard and then pees everywhere, but when it is the end of the day and he comes at me with his big grin and melts my heart and I forget his wildness.  He is strong willed, but sweet.  He is our ourdoorsmanbaby. He wants to be outside in the grass, running with his arms open wide ALL.THE.TIME.  He loves giggle bellies, and slides down the stairs really fast. He can get out of his car seat once it is unbuckled in a split second. He is rowdy, but has a tender heart. He eats so well now, and we love him dearly.  How did 18 months go by so fast?  I just can't explain it, but we are trying to love him each day.

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