Thursday, July 12, 2012

Moved out, Moved In

We made it to Utah (2 weeks ago)! The move went as smoothly as a move could go.  Really, it did! Our last night in our place, our neighbor's invited us over for pizza and we had a great convo and we all slept on the floor.  We were just too tired to blow up a kindly offered air matress, so floor it was, and we only slept for a few hours, and it was heavenly.

We said some nice goodbyes, although we didnt get a chance to see our friends sweet new chubby baby, Winston (maybe when we come visit when it snows here in Utah from Jan-March?)!!   We handed out some of our favorite Cowboy Cookies as a thank you.  Yes, I made cookies in the midst of the mess, but honestly, I had lots of eggs, flour, choc chips that I didnt want to waste or pack, so cookies were made. We felt the love as we left as our friends watched Jake, and we said Au reviours.  Our bishop's wife signed up to watch Jake on morning, and we dropped him off.  She just had a baby and she was watching 3 other kiddos, and has 3 of her own.  I've said it before, and I will say it again, she is Saint Natalie.  Bless all you mammas who helped us in our last few weeks.  Jake spent some time with our friends and he love it. It was hard to leave such great friends. We miss you, and are thankful we know you.

Jake n I flew out to Utah and Andy drove with his dad in the Uhaul.  We had a smooth flight and Jake slept peacefully.  He needed it.  He had a vicious ear infection that caused him not to sleep much, but things like that always happen when you move, non? Luckily, the doctor gave him the go ahead to fly after a few days with antibiotics. We met Andy at our new townhome the very next day! Hard to believe one day we are there and now we are here.  I have to admit, my heart is still in So.Cal.

We went to church on Sunday, ok so we missed Sacrament meeting, we were spent and still on west coast time, plus Jake wasn't certain of his new surroundings and the move caught up to us all.  We did make it to the last few hours. Holy Hannah, it was a sea of blonde haired babes.  Jake played with the nursery kids and out of the ten kids in there, there was only one that didnt have blonde hair.  Interesting.  I like diversity, but that being said, we are happy to be here.  I may be dying my hair purple soon. ;-)

Andy started work on Monday, and the rush of it all came quickly upon us that his month off of work was over.  He works less than 10 miles away from our quiet sleepy neighborhood.  It's a great commute and his first week went swimmingly.

We spent our first week in Utah, unpacking, getting used to the silence at night, not sure what to do when all the neighbor's lights are out at 9pm, slathering on copious amounts of lotion, drinking lots of water due to dehydration, watching half a mountain burn down from the heat, and seeing family.  My mom and dad came to town for the 4th and we went to the stadium of fire, and as per tradition we ate at the Mandarin in Bountiful, Andy had a birthday, and we played at our new pool.  Here are some pictures of our first week/last week in LA. WARNING: large photo bomb in no particular order:

 Granpda Carson n Jake at dinner
 My sweet boy
 Carson side of the family, and our good family friend Marcus
 In and Out, because it was closest thing to CA and we met there with some friends
 Nothing says Happy birthday Andy more than a huge stake the size of his head
 Welcome to your new home Jake
 Walking the Jordan River trail on a hot dry day
and seeing Uncle and Auntie Day
 Jake's owie ear infection.  He just laid on the floor. So sad.
 Everyone on the floor because Jake didnt like the pack n play, and we were to tired to blow up air matress.  OH, and Jake is getting Jesus beamed (it's an Oklahoma thing).
 All empty.  Jake's toys used to be here.
 Jake and Sacha (our neighbor)
 Buckled up on flight.  Buying him a seat was the best thing ever.  That boy WIGGLES!
Peaceful Jake during flight.  I'm very thankful.


  1. So sad! I still like to think your just down the street and we'll see you on Sunday.

    And good thing your a blonde haired babe, you'll fit right in!

  2. Sometimes things are bitter sweet. We miss you you being in LA so we can run to the beach. Fred enjoyed his time with Andy

  3. Sure miss you here in LA, and glad things are going well in Utah.