Monday, July 18, 2011

Trip to Costco

Trips to Costco are so much better now that Jake can sit up in the front of the cart. I dont have to stuff his carseat inside the cart and all the foodz around him. I think it's safer this way.

He's such a big fact, in 4 days he'll be SIX months old! How did that happen? I mean really, he was just born. This baby business is some kind of time warp. We've got 6 short months before Jake turns one!

All kinds of fun things happen at Costco. I get a free lunch, Jake gets lots of attention and we leave with our bellies full and a smile on our faces.

Here are only two quotes from today's trip. I write them down because I think they are funny.

"Mmmm...Mmmm...Mmmm...that is a delicious child." said this white lady with crazy eyes. She really might have eaten him (Lady the free samples are just around the corner if your hungry!).

As we left Costco, a Hispanic meemaw started laughing at Jake and saying all kinds of interesting spanish words and flailing her arms up in the air like she was doing some kind of crazy fiesta dance for him. I was kinda nervous at first. No Hablo Espanyolio if you know what I mean. Je parle francais, Merci. (Jake IS a quarter Mexicano BTW so maybe he should learn the language of his ancestors)

"My grandma wants to know if your baby is real. She thinks he is a doll." said her grandson with his big brown eyes.

"Yes, Gracias," I said in my best Spanish accent. I even rolled the r just for her.

"But she really thinks he is a doll," he exclaimed with a smile on his face.

"No, he's pretty real," I laughed as I pinched his round cheekies.

She continued espeaking all kinds of espanish to Jake and he giggled and laughed. I too joined in the fun and kept saying Gracias as she did her joyful baby dance.

We should go to Costco more often. It is like a circus. You never know what kinds of people you will see or what kind of food you will eat! Fun all around!

Happy half birthday you little doll. You light up our days with love and laughter.

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  1. Ha ha ha!! You are hilarious! Im just trying to imagine a crazy old lady dancing for Jake in the parking lot.
    Its amazing how just a quick trip out and about can boost your spirits.
    I love Jake in his little hat and Mommy's best friend tee.
    So cute!