Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jouyeux Jour de Bastille et de MTC

Lillian Dinge, Such an amazing woman!

Tahitian Night in Monpellier, France
My MTC Comps at Soeurs Conference in Toulouse!

Bastille day is special for me because 7 years ago today, I said goodbye to my family and friends for 18 months and entered the Provo Missionary Training Center to serve a mission in the south of France for our church.

I loved my mission! It was an amazing, hard, spiritual, exhausting, incredible and rewarding experience. I never planned on going on a mission, but it was so incredible! I miss the people, the food, the language, the vineyards, everything!

My MTC companions are my best friends. I cant even explain how much I love them. I know I can call them for anything, even if we live on separate coasts. I think about them and my mission everyday and especially on Bastille Day! I think I will head over to the Paris Bakery in Westwood today and buy a millefeuille to celebrate.


  1. Happy Bastille Day indeed!!!
    I love that we entered the MTC on Bastille day, it just too perfect.
    Those were some of the most amazing days of my life, thinking back on how much we learned and grew. And how much we laughed and farted together...did I say farted, I meant shared together ;). Good times.

    Je t'aime ma soeur!!

  2. You said FARTED!!!! I just laughed so hard. Those were some fun times, dancing around and playing all kinds of jokes on each other and of course singing Preach My Gospel together. Too bad we live a whole stinkin country apart. Someday we can fart, I mean LAUGH together again :-)