Sunday, July 3, 2011

Strawberry Incident

Jake has taken serious interest into what we put in our mouths. We JUST started him on tiny tiny bits of soft foods, but when it comes to what we're eating, this kid isnt holding back!!! He stares at food and watches intently as it goes from plate to mouth. I think a connection is being made that there's more to eating than what he is used to.

Jake always has a seat at our table. We place his bumbo on the table and he joins us at most meals, if he's not napping.

Yesterday he nearly grabbed the pizza out of my hand. Today, he smacked my fork so hard food went flying. This evening, Andy was eating the most DELICIOUS chocolate covered strawberry that the Smiths brought over and Jacob decided it was time he gave it a try. His face went right for the strawberry. Right smack into it. Andy pulled back, but Jake stuck out his tongue and went face first into it. AGAIN! This new food discovery is becoming hilarious. I'm not sure what might happen when we try steak and potatoes!

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