Saturday, July 16, 2011

Andy Had A Birthday!

Andy turned 27 last Saturday. Shout Hurray! He woke up to a charlie horse in his calf. I told him it is because he's soo old (I should know). We made him a yummy french toast breakfast and for dinner we went to the tastiest steakhouse around, recommended to us by Katie and Cam, and about 1,000+ other people on yelp. I dont even know if tasty is the right word. Devine perhaps! It's called Mastros and it's in Beverly Hills. It's fancy pantsy. My mom watched Jakey pooh so we could go on our first date alone in 6 months. Oh how wonderful that was and we know he was with his loving grandma.

At Mastros, the steak literally falls off the bone like butter and the lobster mashed potatoes are so good, they should be a sin. They even brought out a massive piece of chocolate cake. I hope he felt like a king, cause he is seriously the best dad and husband!

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