Sunday, June 19, 2011

Killer Fashion Icon

Andy snapped this picture a few Saturdays ago. It made me giggle. Sometimes I dont care what I wear, if it matches, or what goes with what. Like when I plant flowers on Saturday morning. It's nice to unleash sometimes and not be all fancy pantsy. I think the mail man might have seen me dressed like this *gasp*! It was cold that morning so I put warm socks on and they just happened to be the perfect gardening socks even after it got really hot out. Not all days are picture perfect, but HEY, I (almost) got ready for the day. Dont judge, just laugh. I did. ;-)


  1. Love it. Love the socks. And I love the flowers. Do you guys have a yard? Patio?

  2. I wish we had a padio, this is just in the driveway and the flowers are for our front porch!

  3. I'm pretty sure I've answered the door in worse looking things.