Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jake 5 Month Update

Jake is now 5 months old and he is a character! Here are his updates and stats.

-He now weighs a whopping 17lbs 5oz ounces and is 24 3/4" (he's a wee one)
-He is happy and since mom has taken out a lot of dairy his tummy is doing pretty good
-He loves to reach up and touch faces and will touch mom's face even when he's sleeping when she wishes him goodnight
-He is very determined, yet sensitive
-He fake coughs
-He is super slobbery and is NOT teething. Cant imagine what THAT will be like. I'll have to buy a rain jacket!
-He loves being tickled on his neck and tummy
-He squeals like a piggie when he laughs
-He screeches like a cockatoo when he's laying on his back and really hyper, while his legs and arms are fully extended and straight, then he jets his arms from his elbows and moves his legs straight up and down like a robot all while maintaining perfect jazz hands.
-He baaaaahhs like lamb and pouts if he's not being held and left alone for more than 2 seconds
-He HATES being alone for more than 2 seconds
-He takes 3 naps a day
-He turns his head really quick if he hears something exciting or wants to see something
-He pulls peoples hair and just loves the feel of it
-He played in grass for the first time and loved the feel of it with his little hands
-His feet just kick with joy when he rides in the Bjorn and we go for a walk
-He gets comments on his cheeks just about every day. Today a lady at the store called them "Muffin Jaws."
-He can turn a little bit when he's on his tummy, and scoots back
-He rolls over from tummy to back, and almost did back to tummy today
-He is a mamma's boy and has my number day and night
-He LOVES being outside and looking at flowers and trees
-He loves when both mom and dad stare at him and giggles with delight
-He is bright-eyed and bushy tailed in the morning, often smacking, cooing, and gurgling for several minutes until he comes around
-He reaches for up for toys but cant quite hold them or take them too good yet
-He loves the rag used in the bath tub and will grab it and suck on it and always reaches for it
-He loves plastic and paper, the sound, feel, and taste. Paper might just be his first food j/k
-He growls and makes guttural noises to people walking by, just his way of saying hello
-He smacks pages of books and hits the pictures on the pages
-He tries to grab as many toys as he can and gets super excited by just hitting all of them at once
-He will smile when you kiss him at night while he is sleeping
-He sleeps with a little yellow ducky blankey (his comfort/security blanket). We see him pull it on and off his face, but when he sees that we're there paying attention, he leaves it on his face and starts screaming and he lets go with his arms and he flips out.
-He is our little angel and we love him more today than ever

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