Sunday, June 19, 2011

Andy's First Father's Day

Andy is an amazing father. For Father's Day we went to church, came home and napped, then went and visited our dear friend's precious newborn baby boy. There is a special spirit around new parents and their little ones. I cant even describe the feeling in the hospital room, but it was a great reminder of the importance of fathers and parents. I love beholding new little ones. They are so unique and beautiful. Even when they cry. Even when they keep us up at night. They are wonderful.

We then came home and enjoyed a prime rib dinner (Andy's favorite) and some fun lil gifts to show our love for Andy's first Father's Day. It was perfect and sweet, and we are so lucky he's our dad. He puts up with our tricks and circus acts every single day with more love and devotion than any man of steel out there. He is our constant source of love and peace. We're thankful for him. Happy first Father's Day Andy Love!

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