Thursday, June 14, 2012

Deep Sea Fishing Marina Del Rey

 Boarding our ship, SEA ESTA, at 6:30 AM in Marina Del Rey, California on a grey June morning
Jake's cute life preserver, which he could NOT stand! He hated it!

 Get it, SEA ESTA (siesta)
 The birds that followed the boat for scraps, they tried to eat the fish that mom and andy caught, so they had a water gun to spray them away from the boat
 First catch of the day, Salmon Groupie (rock fish).  You wouldnt know it, but Andy was sick right before this picture was taken!
 Jake and Grandma Carson.  He loved the wind and waves. 
Land ho!
 Ship's bell
 Andy and Jake
 Fishing Poles, some for deep sea fishing and some for hooking some big fish like Halibut.  Mom and Andy used both.
 Fish bait-Sardines. 
 Marina Del Ray Port has a cute little lighthouse and some pretty colorful buildings
 Beautiful ship called the 'Entertainer'
 Captain Jake and dada
 Cutest Sea Captain
 Handome dada and Jake's face smashed in his preserver
"F" "F" Fish
 Captain Bob
 Baby Shark 
 Reel em in.  Andy said it was tough work to bring up fish from 250 feet down.
 Out like a light....3HOURS!
 Go Grandma Go! She was in heaven because her dad was an avid fisherman and she hadnt been deep sea fishing since she lived in Alaska as a teenager.  Thanks for the adventure mom! You are so much fun!
 Shark Bait, YUCK!
Tug Boat on our way back to port

We woke up before the sun did this morning to go deep sea fishing.  We wanted to go whale watching, but it's not that time of year, so instead we went fishin'.  Jake slept for the first THREE hours cause the boat was like one big rocking chair, plus he was super tired from getting up early.  Andy and I both got sea sick, but it was a fun adventure. Mom and Andy caught some rock bottom fish and a sea bass, but it was too little, so they threw him back.  We think Andy even caught a shark because the line was shredded and frayed according to our ship hand, Dave! Too bad he couldnt have pulled that on board! We fished for some halibut, but they didnt show up.  We have been home for several hours and I still feel like we are on a boat!

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  1. And that is what we call "family bonding" imagine doing fishing with infants onboard?

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