Monday, April 9, 2012

Jake's First Phone Call

I could just eat him up

Jake's first phone call was from a girl!!!

A few hours after church, we received a phone call from a family I really admire. Andy answered and the mom immediately asked if Jake was there. Andy gave the phone to Jake and the conversation went like this:

"I sowwie," says the sweetest little voice.
Jake smiles and giggles.
Her mom then sincerely says, "Thank you for letting her do that, she can now have her Easter candy."

It really touched my heart and made me smile at the same time. You see, earlier at church Jake was lightly bopped (maybe tapped ever so softley is a better word) on the head. He really didn't mind and I thought it was all play, but the parents were trying to teach their little girl not to hit people on the head and she refused to say she was sorry. I can imagine her Sunday afternoon was really long and hard because she didn't want to say sorry, but eventually she did. Way to follow through! Andy and I both loved the call, and I think Jake did too cause he really did smile and giggle.

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