Wednesday, April 18, 2012

15 Months Old

Here are 15 of his favorite things:

1.Favorite words: bop bop for Barbra Ann song, Nana for Banana, Dada, Mum, Mmmmhmm
2.Favorite song: Barbra Ann by the Beach Boys
3.Favorite animal: Lions Roar!
4.Favorite activities: Being outside playing in dirt, climbing, dancing, singing
5.Favorite person: dada
6.Favorite toy: books at the moment
7.Favorite food: Avocado
8.Favorite TV Shows: Elmo's World, and Baby Einstein signing DVD
9.Favorite celebrity: Elmo
10.Favorite time of day: When dada comes home from work
11.Favorite games: Hiding under sheets, playing peekaboo, running naked throughout house, and paddy cake
12.Favorite instrument: dada's guitar
13.Least-favorite activity: sitting in shopping cart with mom
14.Favorite youtube video: ABC Phonetics song 2
15: Favorite iPad app: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star interactive book by SuperSimpleLearning

Just so I don't forget:

He points to objects he wants and makes a high pitched hmm sound, and then pats his chest like a gorilla.

He knows several signs and is finally starting to use them correctly. I remember the day it finally clicked. We watched and practiced the baby Einstein video and then he put together what dada meant and went around the house all day long signing dada, the rest came quicker. He knows for the most part: dada, eat, drink, milk, baby, more, please, diaper, mine...

He can point to eyes, ears, mouth and nose, but he prefers to just stick out his tongue and go Blahh for all of them.

He knows a few sounds. A dragon goes roar, a lion goes rooooaaar, a car goes brrrr, a dog goes ffff for ruff, people go blah blah blah. 'A' is for Ah Ah Apple, 'B' is for buh buh ball, 'D' is for duh duh dog. He doesn't like the C for Cat sound for some reason, or he doesn't know how to say it because no matter how many times we practice he goes straight to D for Dog.

His way of saying I love you is blowing kisses.

He will hug random strangers if they smile and talk to him sweetly.

When he hears a dump truck he breaths in sharply, goes brrrr, and runs to the door waiting to be picked up so we can watch it together. He LOVES it, and it kinda takes up an hour of our morning sometimes cause we live in LA, and there are so many dump trucks!!!

He mimics sirens from firetrucks and ambulances. We hear them a lot here in LA!

He loves balls, trucks, music, singing, being tickled, ruff housing with dada.

He sings Ahhhh when he hears music or his dada plays the guitar. He loves strumming the guitar.

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