Thursday, January 20, 2011


We are now the proud owners of an awesome orange jogging stroller (found on craigslist for $50, originally $200, in great condition). Yes, it has wheels, but we did some deep cleaning. One can never be too careful caring for a wee little babe. Andy is so excited it's not even funny! I am excited to get my bootay in gear and start running again with the chub riding along!

We had our 39 week update today! Full term is 40-42 weeks. One way or another we will have a little baby in 2 weeks or less, NO later than Feb 3rd (doctor wont let the baby grow to 10 lbs before delivery..bless her SOUL!).

AHHHHH! This is all Scary and Exciting! I've said it before, but I thought we'd have this little guy by now. I saw his cute chubby cheeks, lips, and face today. He still has lots of amniotic fluid around him (good sign for his health) and is still head down. He might as well have a pina colada in his hand, kicking back, hands behind his head. He's looking pretty healthy and happy, and possibly too comfortable.Jumping jacks here I come baby!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Manhattan Beach Picnic

On Saturday, Andy took me on a picnic to Manhattan Beach. We picked up Cafe Rio, brought a blanket, some fresh pineapple, and soaked in some 80* sunshine. It was so gorgeous outside. It's JANUARY for heaven sakes! We enjoyed some time just being ourselves before Baby Turner arrives. We're taking full advantage of our free time because over the last 10 years it has just been us, but we will be taking this kiddo to the beach as much as possible!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

38 Weeks

Can you tell by the look on my face that I am feeling completely at ease?! YEAH RIGHT!

Just made it back from Doc Morrison's office, we have made it farther than I thought we would! It is officially the calm before the storm. Just watch, our little guy will be delivered a week past his due date! We'll still love him!!!

-He turned a quarter to the right, and needs to do some more turning before he can come! Turn back baby turn back!
-He weighs around + or - 7 pounds at this point
-He is a mover and a shaker inside the tummy
-He is getting closer at receiving a name, but we will probably decide when we see him
-He now has more clothes than his mom and dad combined, thanks to an incredible baby shower thrown by an awesome woman at church! We loved it and he now has the cutest little clothes a little boy could ever have. Thank you everyone we LOVE them! Words arent enough, but know we are grateful and appreciate the help!
-He is loved more than ever and we cant wait to see his little face!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pigs and Cows

Did you know that pigs and cows don't have c-sections and humans shouldn't either?! either, but that is what a grandma at the grocery store told me as I was trying to find some syrup for my pancakes.

I don't plan on it. Doc says there is a reason women have the organs that they do. I completely agree with doc, not with crazy pig and cow grandma. BBBUT just to verify, our farmer friend told us that if the situation turns into an emergency and there is a trained veterinarian on hand, cows and pigs DO have c-sections. Cows have them standing up. Imagine that...OK don't cause I really don't want to picture that. Thank goodness for modern science miracles...Mmooving right along.

People say the darnedest things to pregnant women!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crime Week

It's been a great week for crime in our area! We've been surprised by current events and luckily they have only been "minor" events which could have been much worse.

Crime #1:

A helicopter circles our neighborhood for what seems to be 2 hours spotlighting a certain area. Broadcasting from the helicopter were such phrases such as,
"You have one minute to surrender yourself."

It looked and sounded like a movie set, but then my friend tells me via facebook she cant leave her house because cops are trying to catch 2 guys for some odd reason. I still have yet to find the story online, and when I hear a plane overhead I get nervous.

Crime #2:

A call from our trusty credit card company to let us know $700 has been charged at a GROCERY STORE! Geeze, I cant remember the last time I spent that much at a GROCERY store let alone ANY STORE! Payment was stopped, thank goodness, but someone stop the idiot who tried to swipe our card. I hope the person at the register was smart enough to check the moron's ID before he/she took off with the goodies...I am still wondering how they got our card cause we both have our wallets and all our cards.

Crazy week but I'm thankful cause it always could be worse.