Thursday, September 1, 2011

Montana 2011-Part I

What does Great Grandma Carson have in her purse that I can play with?
Jake didnt like the wind so we put a rag around his head. Problem solved.
Playing with cousins
Man vs. Wild. My crazy brother and a brookie (he threw it back safely)
Adorable nephew, Chase Carson
This babe is almost 20 lbs so hiking got a bit heavy!
Searching for wild huckleberries. We found just enough for muffins.
Moooing at the cows.
Grandpa Carson and Jake time at Miner's Lake
Cute baby in the wilderness
Jake LOVES to be outside.
Happy Boy
Our first couple days we went to Miner's Lake, Pintler Falls, and hunted for wild Huckleberries to make some delicious muffins. Jake got really bad hay fever (he has his dad's allergies) and Montana is full of grasses, hay, and nature's finest allergies, but that didnt stop him from having a good time with cousins, grandparents, and great grandparents. We hiked, fished, played in the cabin, stared at cows, and saw beautiful places with only the sound of nature for miles around.


  1. Is there anything better than huckleberries??!!

  2. I am seriously so obsessed with huckleberries!!! My mom's best friend is from Idaho and she brings us this jello with huckleberries in it every time she comes to visit. I'm also seriously so obsessed with baby Jake. SO CUTE!!!!

  3. Jake is seriously so cute! I love all of his facial expressions and his sweet smile!

  4. Not sure which is funnier....the little cart and the big baby pic you put up on Facebook or the little momma big baby from this post....I am going to go with little momma big baby :) sure love you