Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

Tido's Tacos are GREAT!

Sampling Different Soda Flavors from around the world at the Pepsi Factory
Grandma loves Jake and walked him all around downtown
I ALMOST bought these for Jake. Almost.
Loving Toshi
Bouncing up and down in Barstow on our way to see Grandma and Grandpa Turner

Jake is a water boy!!!
First time in a pool and it was a Blast!

Cute picture with Grandpa Turner
Hanging out with Grandma Turner waiting to splish splash
It was super cold in Denny's when we stopped in Barstow.

Hanging out at Grandma's Pool!

This weekend was a lot of fun (minus our sweet boy having some tummy issues all night and waking every hour screaming-nothing new). We managed to do a TON of really fun things!

Friday I packed up the car and picked Andy up at 3pm and we started heading for Vegas when his mom told us a forest fire en route had shut down parts the freeway. We turned around and headed home. We didnt want to get stuck on the freeway with only one lane open and our baby. So...we rented the movie The Adjustment Bureau and put bebe to bed. We woke super early on Saturday and hit the road, stopping in Barstow for breakfast. Jake stretched his wee little legs and bounced around while we ate some pancakes and off we went making record time!

We were able to swim in our in-laws new pool and get a tan. I got my first tan of the summer, now that summers over!!!

Jake is a water boy, he absolutely LOVED the water! He splashed and laughed for a long time. Andy went to a pool store and bought him an inflatable chair. It was worth every penny. We spent that evening playing with family and catching up eating some seriously yummy grub and watching football. Auntie Lynda and Uncle Ryan drove all the way from SLC to see Jake Bake.

We were able to go to church on Sunday with our friends Brittany and Braden Anderson, who we met out here in LA when we first moved out. They ended up moving to Vegas just a few blocks from Andy's parents. It was so good to see them! Brittany is one of the most talented gorgeous gals around with a heart of gold, and she has the sweetest new little babe. She can sew or craft anything, and I mean ANYTHING. She taught me how to make a quilt before Jake arrived. I love catching up with friends.

We went to the M&M and Pepsi factories on the Strip. I dont know why they call them factories because I was fully expecting to see how M&Ms were made, but it was just a 4 story gift shop. Disappointing, but we still had a great time. We taste tested 14 different sodas from around the world. My least favorite was one from Italy and my all time favorite was green apple soda from Japan. Yum.

We went swimming some more and had a wonderful visit. We left on Monday and that evening Andy and I went to Tido's Tacos not too far from our house. THE BEST TACOS EVER! Wow, I cant stop thinking about how good they were. Savory and just plain good. It was awesome to have Andy home for 3 days and to spend time just hanging out with family.

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  1. i LOVE Tito's! i had heard about their tacos before, and they certainly lived up to their reputation. =)