Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding and the Goring Hotel

The night before her wedding Kate Middleton is sleeping at the Goring Hotel with her family! It made me reminisce about our trip to England last year. Almost exactly one year ago to date, we stayed at the Goring with my family. It is exquisite! One of the best hotels I have ever stayed at! It is very formal, but also the people who work there are really silly and professional. We loved our experience there. I briefly talked about it in my London I love thee post from my old blog.

During our stay, we enjoyed fresh English breakfasts with organic foods from across the English countryside. My mouth waters just thinking about it. We ate dinner there every night and I ordered the Beef Wellington every time. It was incredible and something to be desired.

One evening, after coming back from sight-seeing, I had the hiccups really bad. Our server noticed and came over to me and said he had something verrry special in the kitchen that could get rid of them quickly. He went to the kitchen and came back with a smile. In his hands he steadily held the most beautiful little tea cup and an equally beautiful saucer.

"This should do the trick," he said.

I anticipated what could be inside. Some tea, alcohol, or coffee drink I cant partake of?? I would feel horrible rejecting it!

As he came within reaching distance, I reached up for the cup, just as he tripped. The cup tipped in my direction. I panicked fearing something hot would burn my legs, and I waited for something. Anything. Nothing. I looked up and saw him laughing. I looked over to the kitchen to see the Chef and other workers peaking out laughing.

"That did the trick miss, didn't it?" he said.

My hiccups were gone. Fancy that!

Ahhh the Goring Hotel. Such a silly place! Cheers to the Royal Couple!

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