Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Fun!

We had a wonderful Easter Weekend that started out with Andy taking Friday off and my parents flying to town. When I say flying, I mean, my dad was the pilot! He flew himself, my mom, and a teacher to the Van Nuys airport on little jet from Oklahoma!!! He is getting type rated on the Cessna Mustang, and he came all this way to see us! He even flew us to San Francisco for lunch on Friday. He is a really good pilot and I wasnt afraid. He has taken us up several times in his Cessna, and he has some of the smoothest/ safest landings and takeoffs around. We're so thankful they came to see us.

Jake loved flying on the plane! The jet engine put him right to sleep. We put him in his airplane shirt to celebrate his first flight with Grandpa Carson!!!

Andy has his private pilot's license so he was so excited about the flight. He loves listening to the conversations on the radio and said he picked up most of it! I enjoyed spending time talking with my dear mom.

Saturday we chilled at home and watched Jack Bauer on 24. Let me just say that if this nation was in trouble, I would believe Jack Bauer could save us all. We love that show. Then we went to Cafe Rio with the Jones and chilled back at their place, mostly talking baby talk with their lil man on his way. They'll be like the best parents in the whole wide world! I cant wait to meet that little stud pants.

Sunday we went to church. I taught my primary kids about Jesus's resurrection, whilst watching Jake because he got fussy in Andy's class (Andy teaches the 12 year old boys at the SAME time), and lets just say the lesson went down the toilet and they colored pictures. It was really hard watching 6 5 year olds and a 3 month old. Remind me never to give birth to sextuplets, mmkay? They were, however, really cute with Jake when he was brought in the classroom. They all gathered round his car seat and laughed at his fat cheeks. His fatness brings joy to many people's hearts. Too bad being fat only is cute for the first few years of a person's life. Momma has GOT to get an exercise routine going here.

For lunch on Sunday we enjoyed some Costco pizzas, but I felt okay about that considering our nice lunch on Friday in San Fran. For dinner, we attempted to make a yummy steak, but that too went wrong when it burned on the grill. There's only so much two parents can do with a 3 month old that has a constant belly ache. Poor sweetie. We are beyond sleep deprived seeing it has been 3 months now that I have not slept more than 3 hrs consecutively, but I will not complain, just sayin' if I am really incoherent or a bit "out of sorts" that is why. It's not YOU, it's the fact that I don't sleep much AT ALL. People tell me it will get better. I'm holding on to that. Weekends are nice cause I can take naps and hand our little cherubim to his dad and take a rest.

All the wonderful family time was what made Easter special. The love of our little boy makes our family complete and we are so thankful for the reason we celebrate Easter. We are grateful for a Savior who lives and gives us a reason to live and die, so we can live again forever with all our loved ones. We hope you all had a Happy Easter!


  1. That is so cool. Andrew would very jealous. He loves all things airplane.

    I admire you & your ability to look so good with no sleep. One day baby Jake will sleep through the night-he has too right?

  2. How fun to go flying. Aaron would love to get a pilot's license someday.

    And I hear you about needing an exercise program. Reminds me of a conversation I had with Ali and Mary a while back about how adorable huge thighs are on baby girls, but not so much on us :)

  3. UGH!!! He's so adorable!!! He is such a good mix of both you and Andy. So glad that you had a wonderful Easter!