Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jake 2 month update

Our sweet little boy is just over 2 months now! He is a delight! He is now 'talking' to us and discovering his voice. He is sleeping better and is getting on a schedule. It is so much fun seeing his sweet personality come out!

Here are some updates on Jacob:

-He weights roughly around 12 pounds and is around 22" long now.
-We haven't seen his neck since he was born
-His cheeks are so huge he looks like a bulldog.
-He loves to smile and tell stories during diaper changes
-He no longer cries when he toots (it used to be a really big deal, thank heavens it isnt anymore!)
-He sleeps in 2-3 hr increments at night (much better than the 45-1 hr wake up calls he had his first month)
-He has a girlfriend. Her name is Minnie Mouse. He stares at her and grabs her ears and face. He drools all over her.
-He loves his bouncy chair and his legs get super excited when he's in it. He kicks and kicks and loves every minute, until he realizes he's not being held.
-He loves to sleep in our arms and is a snugly one
-He tends to overreact to hiccups sending himself into full hysterics within seconds after they start
-He loves bath time and loves to 'swim'. He kicks his feet like he's swimming when I hold him on his tummy. He often lets out a cute yawn when he is placed in the tub.
-He loves being swaddled and knows that it's his cue to calm down and go to bed
-He lets out a squeaking/squealing sound when he's about to wake up as a warning sign about 5 minutes before he cries.
-He entertains himself better and loves to suck on his hands
-He's a really loud eater and a slurps
-He looks like an angel when he sleeps
-When we place him on his tummy for tummy time he thinks it's time to eat and he gets frustrated often ending in crying
-During tummy time on his boppy he kicks himself over the boppy landing on his face...again..crying
-He will smile, look away, and then smile again.
-He is ssoooooo loved!!!!

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