Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Love New York City - day II

Ok, so I know I've slacked on the updates around here, but all in good reason.  We have been BUSY! I have written down at least 6 posts I need to do, so here's my attempt!

Day 2 in NYC was a lot slower.  We still did a lot, but we were already pooped from jam packing our first day.   It was Sunday and we wanted to keep the reverence of the sabbath with us, so we planned for the 9/11 Memorial.  It was a really frigid day for some reason, but we just kept on walking to make it to our scheduled tour.  You need tickets ahead of time, so we booked ours and made it in time.  It was very solemn, and very touching.  So many lives lost.  I remember looking over the edge of the memorials where the foundation used to lie, and water falls several feet into a void.  No matter how hard I tried to see the bottom of the void, reaching to the tops of my toes, I could not see the bottom.  It was made that way, because of the void left in the lives of so many Americans.  The lives lost can never be replaced, but I found great peace in the atonement knowing that these precious lives were not lost.  Sometimes it is hard for me to comprehend the evil of other human beings.  I just dont know how someone could kill another.  I'm thankful to know that goodness and righteousness will always prevail no matter how dark the days ahead may seem.  I hope those hurt by the loss of life on 9/11 will find peace through the goodness of other humans, despite this huge tragedy.  We read many names and we thought of where we were that day.  We watched a video about those coping with life after loosing their loved ones, and I am amazed at the faith of those suffering.

We left the sacred grounds of the memorial and briefly stopped by Wall Street, the Bowling Green Bull, and headed to church at the Morningside Heights Ward.  What an awesome ward.  That was the first time in years I've sat through church.  It was heaven sent. There were so many outgoing members there.  I was amazed at the stroller parking inside the building.  Leave it to the Mormons to have lots of kids! :-) It was impressive to see all the strollers parked inside.

After church, we headed to the Met museum to see a beautiful greek sculpture exhibit, then headed straight for the European art gallery.  Andy and I took a humanities class in college together, so it was fun to see and talk about our favorite artists.  Loved it! We saw several Vermeer's, and one of my personal favorites, Jacques-Louis David.  The museum was closing so we ran through the rest of the exhibit, and Andy wanted to see the Armory.  We glanced at some cool pieces, and walked our way to Serendipity for a cup of frozen hot cocoa! I fell in love with the shabby chic eclectic mix of furnishings, and the unique menu.  My mouth waters just thinking about the frozen cocoa.  It lived up to the hype for me, and Andy loved it too.  We caught a cab and went back to the Smith's for an amazing dinner and watched the super bowl, Beyonce and then the power went out in the stadium so we just chilled with the Smiths. We crashed into bed afterwards, and I'm pretty sure we had to try really hard to wake up the next day!

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