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Just as we were leaving for Christmas Vacation down to Las Vegas to see Andy's family, I picked him up from work and we headed off onto I-15, and he handed me an envelope and said, "Merry Christmas!"  I opened the envelope only to see two tickets to NYC and two tickets to the Broadway play, "The Heiress"! I was in complete shock! It was a dream come true.  It kinda felt like he was proposing again.  It was such a big surprise!

We had talked about how fun it would be to see our friends the Smiths, and see the play, and run around and eat everything in site, but I never thought it would really happen.  Let me tell you the rest of that ride down to Vegas, I still couldnt believe it.  Andy had already talked to the Smiths and planned the night we'd see the play with them, and I seriously couldnt have imagined a better trip. My husband is seriously my hero.

We got back just about two weeks ago, and I am just now finally sitting down to write about it.  It was a blast. We left Jake for the first time in TWO YEARS.  That was the hardest part.  I imagined all sorts of things happening, but he was perfectly happy with grandma and grandpa Turner while we were gone and he even started eating hamburgers. HAMBURGERS! He's never done that for us ;-) He did give me a really long hug as I explained to him we were leaving.  Andy said he thinks he teared up a bit, and as my heart ached to hold him forever, I was really really looking forward to three days of adventure!

We hopped on our flight and it went really fast.  We planned out what we wanted to do, and what we wanted to eat, and where we wanted to be when.  Andy took a nap, and I wrote down our final list. We sat next to the CEO of Citibank's son, and talked about what he recommended in the city, and before we knew it, we landed.  We were almost scammed into taking a false taxi, but we got out of it when I asked him if he accepted credit cards, which he definitely didn't, and off we went to Hotel Smith, the nicest, cutest, friendliest hotel on the east side :-).  We are so thankful Erinn and Andrew let us stay with them.  We were comfortable and happy to see our friends and cute Eliot and Benson again.  It felt like a piece of LA home on the island of Manhattan. You guys are the best :-)

We jam packed our days, so I will first give an abridged version of our first day, and then below you can read my novel.


Crepes on Columbus with the Smiths for Brunch
Lincoln Center, Julliard, Mormon Temple
Times Square
Magnolia Bakery
30 Rockefeller Plaza, Top of the Rock
Tao Restaurant
The Heiress-Broadway PLAY! Ahhh Dan Stevens (aka Cousin Matthew LIVE on STAGE Ahhhh)


We woke up the first day and headed out to brunch with the Smiths at Crepes on Columbus.  WHOA!  That place was insane.  I cant even tell you.  It was like "Welcome to NYC" in all it's glory.  I cant believe it.  I ordered a crepe with Basil Creme Fraiche, Ratatouille, and Bacon.  Then they served up some baguettes that were the best I've had since I left France.  Just like the movie Rataouille when the french lady says you can tell a perfect baguette by the sound it makes, and then she crunches it and it makes a perfect crisp sound, yeah....call me a french snob, but those baguettes actually gave me the chills they were so good.  THAT was a first, but I think I was just really excited. The owner, at least that is who I'm assuming we talked to, was incredibly sincere and welcoming. I would eat there every Saturday if I had the chance.  Hands down yummy!

 Erinn and Andrew headed home to put the boys down for a nap, and Andy and I found ourselves quickly on the subway exploring Manhattan.  I loved it.  I love being back on the metro, or subway systems with all the unique people of the world.  It reminds me of my mission, and for a moment it felt like I should start contacting them! I was right at home, and so was Andy.  There is something about a city with public transit that I really love.  If I had Jake though, I would probably be freaking out, and he would be freaking out cause I'd have him strapped down somehow and he would want OUT!  BUT I tried not to miss my boy to much, and we got off at the Lincoln Center and walked around.  We saw the opera house, Julliard, and all the incredible places I've heard and dreamed about.  At one point I really wanted to go to Julliard for acting/drama, so it was awesome to just see it.  Then we took of to Times Square to look around, and I thought it was a lot of fun.  I laughed when Andrew Smith said it was like "Hollywood and Highland but on Crack" cause there were all those people dressed up like cartoon characters and it was def an amplified version of Hollywood, but seeing all the musical and ticket booths just set my heart a flutter.  Yeah, I know, I'm a stage nerd at heart.  We went inside the toys r us, and once again thought about Jake, then we headed back out and kissed in the middle of Time's Square. It is a happening place with the lights and studios and theaters, and all that Jazz.  We then decided to go to the Magnolia Bakery to try the Banana Creme Pudding a la recommendation des Smiths.  It did not disappoint! I am craving it right now.   Forget the cupcakes give me the banana creme pudding.

Off we went to the Rockefeller Plaza to see the ice skating rink and go to the "Top of the Rock".  The view from the top was incredible.  I remember being in awe of the beauty of all the buildings and then catching myself because usually nature will get me to stop and think about the beautiful scenery, but everything that I was looking at was man-made.  It is really a sight to behold.  building after building after building on one side, and then a nice view of Central Park and more buildings on the other side.  A couple from Utah just happened to ask us to take their picture (that also happened to us on top of the Eiffel Tower).  Andy loves being up high.  He loves heights, must have something to do with flying! We headed down and back to the Smith's casa to get ready for dinner.

The Smith's made reservations at the Tao restaurant.  The Tao is WOW.  The design inside is very industrial chic and the food is perfection.  It is the most delicious Chinese food! I would highly recommend it! We shared a bunch of plates and they were all super.

Then, the moment we had been waiting for, we went to the Walter Kerr Theater to see the charming Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey HELLO!!) and Jessica Chastain star in "The HEIRESS." I have been wanted to go since like I dont know, October? We went on the second to last week before it's limited run was over.  It was so well acted out and can I just say that live theater is magical?! It was inspiring to see two very talented and trained artists perform live on stage.  They were very good, very very very good. No wonder why they get paid the big bucks. Geeze.  I still cant believe Jessica Chastain had to full on cry twice a day for her role as Catherine, but she did excellent and when Dan Stevens came onto stage, the audience just clapped and I still couldn't believe we actually made it!  Our seats were fourth from the orchestra pit, and we were right there, so we could see the tears, and the passionate kisses.  There was a moment when Dan and Jessica kissed and it was DEAD silent in the theater.  I was like, "whoa, talk about capturing an audience!" No one moved a muscle, That is what was so magical about it, they really made people FEEL something and react to something.  The ending wasnt what I had expected, but it did not take away from the wonderful acting.  It made us think and reason, so I'd say they did a fine job.  I really wanted them to hook up, but what is a good drama without drama.  The play had many funny moments, and I loved how Jessica said, "yEs" in the play.  I really cant write how she said it but it always made the audience laugh.  Dan surprised me with his american accent.  What cant he do?

We waited at the stage door afterwards to take pictures and get autographs with the stars.  It started to snow lightly and just hanging out with Erinn and Andrew was a lot of fun.  Eventually they came out and took their time to sign playbills and take pictures.  They were so gracious.  I told Jessica she has a beautiful presence on stage and off and she sincerely said Thank you.  Her voice and the way she laughed was very similar to her character on "The Help" but she was just being herself and not her clueless character.  It is neat to see how they use their natural talents and abilities and use them in their roles on film.  Next, Dan made the rounds just as Jessica said Thank you, and I told him I met his mother in line for the restroom.  She was behind me in line and was beaming.  I told her how wonderful the actors were,  and she said she was here from London to see her son, and that her son was DAN.  I squeaked and told her congrats and squeezed her arm...how exciting.  Dan informed me that was his mother-in-law but he said, "Aww" when I told him how proud of him she was.  It was cute.  They both stopped to take a picture with Erinn and I, and Andrew gave Dan a super high five.

Then off into the lightly drifting snow we went, catching a taxi back to the Smith's house.  I was on cloud 9.  Dream fulfilled.  My husband is a rockstar.

Crepes on Columbus with THE Smith Family

Benson KNOWS these are good. 
Julliard/Lincoln Center
Benson's Super Smile
Fashion Week Not-So-Diva
I belong here
Times Square
I just felt like kissing everyone and everything...apparently
We missed Jake in Toys R Us in Times Square

Yes, I will kiss you in Times Square.  Who needs to watch the ball drop when I can kiss you whenever I want?

Banana Pudding is where it's at. 
30 Rock NYC
30 Rock really tall

TAO is a WOW
                                                                       THE Smiths.  Arent they super cute in Times Square? Walking to the play!

Jessica C. doing her thing
Slightly Gitty would be an understatement

Andrew gave Dan a super High 5! Love it!

Hey there Cousin Matthew.  We heart U!

Jessica Chastain signing my playbill and me telling her what a beautiful person she is.  I'm sure she never gets told that!

"Thank you Stacey, Would you like to work with me?" ha ha yeah right, she was just telling me thank you for how wonderful she really is! ;-)

Money shot. My frozen, excited face and cute Erinn with the stars of the show! Ahhhh!

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  1. Such a great trip & you are ALWAYS welcome to come back!