Monday, February 28, 2011

Grandpa Turner

Love is the best medicine, and cute babies!
Wishing Grandpa Turner a quick recovery from surgery...We found out he has thyroid cancer :-(


"I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy!"-Dori from Nemo

Once Upon A Time...

There was a bright eyed babe named Jake Carson Turner...
His momma told him a story and he listened...
Then things started getting blurry...
and then I dont remember anything after that....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chubby Chub Chub

I am proud to update you on our little Jake's progress. We had his one month appt. (did I really just say ONE month?) and he has gained weight! Our little man now weighs a whopping 8lbs 2 oz. He's one healthy lad and I'd be the first to tell you, HE LOVES TO EAT! He can hardly make the 2 hr stretch of time before he lets all of West Los Angeles know he needs to be fed. Our poor neighbors...BUT he has the cutest cheeks to prove it, and his legs are starting to get some rolls on them! The pics above dont do justice, I'll have to get some new pics off the camera. He's still my little newborn (I'm sure he always will be), but he's growing so fast before I know it he'll be walking and talking. We love him so. Also, his birth story IS coming...stay tuned, between feeding, diapering, and cleaning, I'm trying to get it all together.

Other Jakey Updates:

He rolled over. TWICE!
He has a "super smile" that brightens a whole room
He has a lovely tuft of hair on the top of his head
He has some serious lungs
He has a double chin now
He burps really good
He can poop good too and got my leg, the couch, the floor, and 4 diapers soiled within 30 seconds (Sorry TMI?!)
He follows objects with his baby blue eyes
He wakes up at 4 am ready to start the day
He is like clock work, feeding or waking every 2 hrs
His favorite toy is a black and white tiny plush cow that he follows with his eyes
He has many cries and we are learning to distinguish them. Some sound more like small puppy whimpering, a dinosaur, a bird, a gerbil, and several other sounds. My favorite is the one that sounds like this, "Ahhhh Gah, Ahhh Gah." I'll have to post more on that later!
He is loved very very much

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello Handsome!

I realize this is not his birth story, I am still writing that up, it will be on here soon! I had posted something previous, but something happened and I think I accidentally deleted that post. I will try and get his story up this weekend! Love to everyone!

In less than 24 hours, I will be a mom to a 3-week-old infant. The most precious and intense experience I have ever been through. It has been a whirlwind to say the least, and it has been a blessing. We named him Jacob, or Jake, after we scoured so many names. He makes a cute baby Jake.

I’ve been contemplating a lot, and have so much to express, that I really felt like writing it down could take forever, I also am denying the fact that if I hold off long enough, time will slow down and my little guy will stay little. That is just not the case. Time is flying and this 20 day old, who is quietly sleeping in a baby Bjorn carrier, after many failed attempts of getting him to lie peacefully down by himself failed, I tried one last resort. This baby Bjorn carrier is making me all sentimental. It’s the first time I’ve used it and it feels good to have a baby so very close to me again, arms free, walking around quietly. I miss being pregnant as crazy as it sounds. It was an amazing experience, and I think I was really blessed to have as much of a normal pregnancy as possible minus a few bumps here and there. I get really sentimental when I lie down and realize that I don’t have a belly and I actually miss it, and second, inside that dear tummy was a moving little boy that we were excited to meet. Now he is here and it is bliss, it is also crazy busy.

The other night, as we had just gotten him to sleep he started to hiccup. I went to grab my stomach to feel him hiccuping, only to realize he was sleeping in his swing and was no longer inside my tummy. It was so intimate to share such closeness with my boy. I loved it when he would hiccup and would laugh every time he did. Reality comes so quick, and it is sweet to look over and see him hiccuping in his chair.

I miss that closeness of him so near me. Nights are the hardest. Sometimes, I go to feel for the round solid tummy I once had to see if our little one is moving, but he’s not there anymore. Or just like last night, Andy put his whole arm around my stomach at night as he did when I was pregnant. He too, has gotten used to the belly bliss and awaiting a little one.

It was a beautiful birth, and a peaceful one. I had my husband, my favorite doctor, and a sweet nurse named Pat right at my sides coaching me along. I was so happy to meet him and we have been blessed by Jake’s powerful spirit, and when I say powerful, I mean that in so many ways. He can scream louder than anyone I’ve ever heard, but he can look so peaceful and darling.

He’s a handsome little lad, with more hair that I thought any baby of mine would ever have. I was a baldy and I cant say much for Andy either. Jake loves to be held and cuddled. He likes to sleep under my neck, and sleeps best on either Andy or me. At night when he is in his swing, I miss him being close to me something fierce. I listen for each breath he takes and I worry when he squeaks or fusses. Often times, I’m up in seconds holding him in my arms before Andy even notices.

Sleeping is not a priority at the moment, although I miss it desperately and have been a bit more moody than ever before. We had both grandmas come and help us. We were spoiled rotten, and I was able to sleep a few more precious winks with them here. We had loving dinners made for us, what a blessing a meal is. They each came with so much charity and love, I didn’t know how to thank everyone. I need to write some thank you cards really soon, but I hardly have time to make myself a bowl of cereal before someone needs some cuddle time. I am currently a hungry hippo, but I want to write all these thoughts down before they EAT ME ALIVE. After all, a life written down is a life twice lived, and because I feel nearly dead and tired, I need all the life I can get!!

Just last night, after a rough day of just me and the babe, our home teacher and his wife, also our dear friends and Andy’s co-worker came over. They brought me an ice-cream treat. I answered the door, looking somewhat like a disheveled zombie, as if a zombie could look scarier, I am living proof…HA! They talked to me and comforted me as my boy turned purple from crying so hard. They will be parents soon, and the best ever! It felt wonderful to have company here. It touched my heart. So many things do now. I also read a conference talk called, “Stories of Jesus”. I stared at my angel boy last night, looking at his perfect little body and face. He is so darling and a part of a beautiful plan. We’re blessed and honored to have him in our family. I have so many other thoughts, but for now, I need to eat some kind of nutrition before he awakes and maybe if I’m lucky catch a few zzzzs!