Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chubby Chub Chub

I am proud to update you on our little Jake's progress. We had his one month appt. (did I really just say ONE month?) and he has gained weight! Our little man now weighs a whopping 8lbs 2 oz. He's one healthy lad and I'd be the first to tell you, HE LOVES TO EAT! He can hardly make the 2 hr stretch of time before he lets all of West Los Angeles know he needs to be fed. Our poor neighbors...BUT he has the cutest cheeks to prove it, and his legs are starting to get some rolls on them! The pics above dont do justice, I'll have to get some new pics off the camera. He's still my little newborn (I'm sure he always will be), but he's growing so fast before I know it he'll be walking and talking. We love him so. Also, his birth story IS coming...stay tuned, between feeding, diapering, and cleaning, I'm trying to get it all together.

Other Jakey Updates:

He rolled over. TWICE!
He has a "super smile" that brightens a whole room
He has a lovely tuft of hair on the top of his head
He has some serious lungs
He has a double chin now
He burps really good
He can poop good too and got my leg, the couch, the floor, and 4 diapers soiled within 30 seconds (Sorry TMI?!)
He follows objects with his baby blue eyes
He wakes up at 4 am ready to start the day
He is like clock work, feeding or waking every 2 hrs
His favorite toy is a black and white tiny plush cow that he follows with his eyes
He has many cries and we are learning to distinguish them. Some sound more like small puppy whimpering, a dinosaur, a bird, a gerbil, and several other sounds. My favorite is the one that sounds like this, "Ahhhh Gah, Ahhh Gah." I'll have to post more on that later!
He is loved very very much


  1. I love that smile! Also, isn't it amazing how after being a parent for a month talking about bowel movements becomes so ordinary?
    When Eric was a month he wanted to go to sleep at 3-4 AM still.

  2. Yes, the contents of our lil wonders diapers become common place around here! So funny and so true!