Monday, October 3, 2011

Wolverine Baby

Today we took Jake to UCLA to have an upper GI study done in order to rule out any anatomical problems with his tumtum (non-medical term for stomach). I felt like I was watching my son turn into Wolverine, like in the movie where are the doctors place Hugh Jackman on a table and fill his body with some kind of super human metal. They did IN FACT fill Jake's stomach with Barium, to take some xrays.

The whole process was super quick. We got there and all of the sudden doctors and residents (it is UCLA) started putting on heavy led jackets and grabbed our baby (gently) and placed him on the table. Jake held it together like a champ at first. I saw him laying on the table with all the lights on him and strange people with heavy led jackets and crazy glasses and he was looking at them like they did indeed look kinda weird. He was tired and had been fasting for 4 hours and started getting a little ticked off at that point. I kinda thought he might actually start beating some of the medical personnel with his massive cankles (non-medical term for calf and ankle region)or knee-thighs. He was scared and didnt like it, and like most stomach tests with FPIES kiddos, it came back....negative. No visible problems. GREAT! Nice to rule out any twists, webbing, or other things that stop him from keeping food down. Nice to know there is nothing wrong with his anatomy, just food intolerance for right now. We got home and he blasted a massive barium diaper. It was out of control.

If we didnt already have Jake's halloween costume, then he would be Wolverine. However, his Squirt turtle costume from finding Nemo is perfect!

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