Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Huntington Gardens

Andy took me to the most beautiful garden called Huntington Gardens in Pasadena on Saturday. I was gitty as a little girl. My heart literally started singing when we got there. I love gardens, flowers, outdoors, and he knows it. It reminded me a bit of Versailles, France with the statues and the manicured bushes. It was refreshing to walk around and see the Chinese Garden, the Rose Garden, the Japanese Garden, the every garden under the sun garden. We didnt even see a third of the gardens! It was so nice to look up and see trees and more trees and not buildings. Oh la la...c'etait trop magnifique. Jake loved it. He's an outdoor baby. You could spend all day there, but we only spent a few hours. We ate lunch and the smell of the roses was divine. We left with smiles on our faces and a zonked out baby. It was bliss.

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