Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby Love

Jake is: curious.silly.shy.hungry.

Just say NO!

I decided to try taking sugar out of my eating habits for the next two weeks. It was seriously getting out of control, and a trip to the dentist this morning left my mouth numb and me hating sugar.

Andy and I have done a no-sugar plan before and we loved it. Week one down, only one more to go and I am doing much better at eating fruits and veggies.

Then, there are nights like tonight when all I want is some chocolate cake with lots of frosting....I dont even like frosting! LOL! Oh well, so instead, I quickly turn to chugging water and thinking about something different. The best way to replace my cravings is to battle it with alternate thinking and keeping myself busy and preoccupied. Grrrr!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hey bright-eyes

I just love his face after taking a good nap!

Fitness Must Haves For The Stay At Home Mom

Here is a list of my all time favorite fitness must-haves:

1. Fuji Water. It just tastes so good after drinking chlorinated LA water, there's nothing like clean water to make you feel like you're no longer drinking 5 million other people's yuckiness.
2. Turbo Jam Fat Blaster DVD. I swear by it. In 30 minutes, you work up a sweat and end with a smile on your face. Perfect combo of stretching and busting that baby fat. Pre-Jake I did this everyday along with running, and I never felt better in my life. Chalene Johnson, the instructor, is a mom of 2 and super positive, she keeps the workout fun without being overbearing. Even when I dont want to work out, I start this DVD and before I know it, 30 minutes is up and I feel great!
3. Turbo Jam Weighted Sculpting Gloves. These are only 1.5lbs a piece, but they help tone and define those arms. I feel the burn but still feel ramped up. Only downside is they are filled with sand that sometimes comes out of the sides.
4. Danskin Belly Band. Another product I swear by. Pre-Jake, I wore this during runs, and every workout. My tummy needed some extra toning and trimming, and by adding extra heat to a concentrated area- this did the trick with the added bonus of back support. I'm busting it out again after letting it sit in a drawer for WAY to long. LOVE it!

Honorable Mentions:

Dr.Wheeler's Protein Powder. This stuff is EXPENSIVE, but I got some from my grandma, who is a diabetic. It is high in gold quality protein, and low on the sugars and carbs and tastes great blended with water. I see TONS of protein powders that are super high in sugars, which doesn't help with loosing weight. This one tastes so good. Someday, if I can ever afford it, I would do it in a heart beat.

Mizuno running shoes. I had serious IT band pain from running and now that I am starting to exercise again, it is coming back, but these babies prepped me for my marathon and kept me going to the end. The wave technology is pretty genius. Hoping they help again.

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Look

We're cleaning and organizing our home, and I thought I should do the same with our blog. I created a new header and cleaned up the look. I plan on doing some DIY projects that I have been working on or did in the past and will try and post more about our happs. For now, hope you like it!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

12 things to know about this 1 year old

1. He doesnt like his mom to be out of his sight. Serious attachment disorder.
2. He says all kinds of words: dada, mama, baaa for ball, fffff for dog, mmmmm for eat and tries to whistle when he sees birds.
3. He watches a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star video on youtube and is enamored by the cute characters, and says Wow when the music builds up and the star starts dancing.
4. He now eats....drum roll please....millet, corn, sweet potatoes, pears, and bananas. Those are his safe foods for now. He is severely allergic to: rice, peaches, apples, soy, wheat, and eggs
5. He likes to dance and sing. We may have a music man on our hands
6. He loves books, especially the kinds that have textures and animals.
7. He has the cutest curls on the back of his head that get realllly fluffy when he wakes up. He had his second haircut last week, and the curls remain intact.
8. He is ALMOST walking.
9. He refuses to be buckled up in any shopping cart or be contained in any manner
10. He doesn't like to cuddle or be snuggled, but will let you hold him on your hip all day long
11. He loves running away from diaper changes, bare buttox and all, then stand on whatever object is near and laugh. Crazy kid.
12. He has discovered his nose has a hole and has found his nether region during diaper changes. Oh brother, yes Jake, you are such a boy! Please tell me this is a phase??

Petit Prince Birthday Cupcakes

With Jake's allergies, we make some yummy cupcakes for guests that followed the Little Prince theme and he got to eat some bananas shaped like stars! He LOVED them and ate them in seconds. It was fun to sing to him and let him make a mess with bananas. Who says birthday cake has to be actual cake?!

Monday, February 6, 2012

California Sunset

We're kinda fond of the beaches around here. We've tried to soak up as many as possible. Last Saturday, we picked up Cafe Rio and headed to Manhattan Beach. It was a chilly and crisp evening! Just as we stepped onto the sand, we saw the most stunning sunset. Beaches, sand, my boys, and the sunset in California never gets old.