Friday, December 7, 2012

Work Christmas Party

Andy's work hosted a beautiful Christmas party that just blew me away.  We are so grateful and I find myself thinking how drastically different the dynamic was from last year's party in Los Angeles. This year, a presentation was given focusing not only on the employees but the families that support them.  WOW, I felt like the company was giving me a big hug.  It has been a rough intense couple of weeks. We cannot stop getting sick combined with Andy working so much=crazy mamma. His job is amazing, and the whole point of my ramblings is that his holiday party was so nice, I left with a huge smile and heart full of gratitude that at least with all his hard work, they realize the families at home work hard as well while the hubbies wrap up year end deals.  They had a 1950's theme and dress, and the whole night was filled with class: A live Jazz band, amazing location at the Hotel Monaco in SLC (WOW LOVED IT!), such divine food, and the best part was the people.  Here is a brief shot from the night with Cameron and Katie Jones, A studly bachelor Chase Elsworth, and my hot babe and I. What good GOOD people.

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