Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big Boy Bed and Potty

Let it be known that Jake has now graduated from his crib into a big boy bed.  He started escaping his crib and would come running into our room crying and it got really old.  We figured a crib could no longer contain him. I took it apart and transformed it into the toddler bed (It's an Ikea crib/bed that can be changed with a few screws). The first few nights were good.  He'd get up, or fall out once or twice and resumed his normal sleeping schedule.  We were seriously shocked at how well he was doing, it was like he was telling us, "Thank you for finally getting me out of THAT cage and catching on because this is what I've wanted since I was born....FREEDOM!" The third, fourth and following week his new found freedom became apparent and he just wanted to read stories all night long, escape, and reek havoc.  He'd get out of his toddler bed and we'd find him in his rocking chair holding a book.  At one point, I stumbled into his room to put him back in his bed and as I reached for him on the rocking chair, I hit a book he was holding up in the air.  Another time, I found him sleeping with his head on a book. We kept hearing him say, "Book, Book, BOOOOK" till about three in the morning, until he'd get quiet and then around seven I hear him say book again, so I opened his door, and he had opened the plantation shutters to let the sun in and was holding his books trying to read them.  What a sweet boy, up all night just to read a story.  After much persistence and a week of not much sleep, we (I) kept putting him back in his bed over and over again, and he is now very content there.  We are so proud of his accomplishments and I still look at him like a baby, but he is starting to do so many things now that surprise me.  He also pooped in the toilet.  He kept telling me bum bum and letting me know when he had to go, so I said, OK lets take advantage of this moment of communication and see if it works.  I sat him down and he did it! Wow, that was a first for everyone! He even flushed it down the toilet and waved goodbye.  It has been two days and he hasnt done it again, even if he lets me know, he is scared if it now.  We'll keep trying, but I am in no rush to potty train him.   So there you have it, a fun update of our little lives.  Poop and big boy beds.  Ha ha, we have been sick some more, and have had a ton of family with us.  The holidays are here, and I cant wait!

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