Saturday, October 20, 2012

Autumn Apple Orchard

Fall is in full swing.  So is cold, flu, and sick season, all of which we are combating constantly.  I'm so over it!!! BUT We discovered an apple orchard less than a quarter mile from our on Saturday we went and picked some apples and tried taking some photos, which I will attach when our computer decides to stop being so frustrating!!

Jake is really obsessed with apples right now.  He says apple over and over again sometimes, so we (I) thought, 'HEY, son, Jake want to go to an apple orchard and then maybe you will stop saying that word over and over again?'  He looks for apples in magazines and in books.  A few months ago, it was bumblebees and now it's apples.

He indeed loved the orchard and kept pointing at all the deep red and bright yellow apples and picking up sticks.  It appeased his strong desire to always obsess over them for a time. We brought home many crispy varieties, and now he has an apple a day.  I sure wish it keeps the doctor away cause he has been repetitively getting sick. Sweet boy, he is.

We do miss the warmer LA weather,  but it has been a gorgeous slow fall and we have really enjoyed the orange, red, and yellow colors gracing all the trees!

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