Sunday, January 22, 2012

Petit Prince Birthday Party

For Jake's 1st birthday party we chose the theme "Le Petit Prince", The Little Prince, for two reasons: He is called little prince by both his grandmas, and we LOVE the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Dear family and friends join Jake in celebrating his first year of life! Jake felt the love. He didnt nap that afternoon so I was so afraid he would come unhinged, but that boy grinned ear to ear.

A big shout out to my mom and mother in law for helping with the food and decor. It was so much fun! His cake was not really cake because I have no idea how to make a cake that cannot include eggs, flour, soy, nuts, and most any other ingredient that you need, so instead he got a banana sliced cut in the shape of little stars! Great idea Grandma Carson! We trailed bananas over the last two weeks and he devoured his new special treat! It was an exciting moment!!!

He got some wonderful new toys and lots of pictures of his special day. He may not remember it, but he will look at those pictures and know he was loved a million times over!

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