Sunday, November 20, 2011

10 Month Old

10 month old baby bear Jake and his book!

Jake is growing!!! We are grateful for him. He is climbing, standing, cruising, and bouncing his way around. He is eating PEARS, his one and only safe solid food! He is clapping. He is getting more and more hair. He loves books and stories. He loves feeling the pages of the touch books with little animals. He concentrates really hard and has a thinking face where he sticks his bottom lip out a bit and crinkles his brow and tries to look over those big kissy cheeks of his to see the pages. He is afraid of being away from mom and dad, but he loves people. He has a funny little laugh that sounds more like a hoarse cough and it only comes out once, but he does it the moment he is picked up and walked outside or sees a smiling face. He loves the wind gently on his face and watching the cars go by outside. He loves his daddy. His first word was 'dada'. He is our sweet, sweet boy. He is doing better with his tummy, but we haven't tried new foods. We need to be brave and try new foods, but his happiness has been amazing and I don't want his tummy to hurt. His personality is really getting to be so much fun. He is super determined and if a "road block" is placed between him and any dangerous object in the house, he will scale it and push it and do all he can to climb over it. He will even cry is protest. He squeals with delight and buzzes his lips when he is happy. He just started standing and pushing around a little toy walker. He is so much fun!

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  1. He is just too cute! I can't get over how cute he is! I hope our baby boy will be as cute as little Jake!