Sunday, November 21, 2010

29 Week Belly

29 week baby bump
I am about 3 weeks behind. This was taken about 2 Sundays ago. We try and take a shot every Sunday, but have not been good at always remembering.

We met our doctor here in LA for the first time on Thursday. Her name is Dr.Morrison and I love her!! We'll be delivering at Cedars-Siani in Beverly Hills (so very strange to say that). The hospital is only about 15 minutes away from our house. I am confident Dr.Morrison will do an awesome job delivering our little boy. She said she delivers all her babies and has incredible patient reviews (according to and and just meeting her confirmed that!

Baby update:
He is measuring right on!
He moves a ton (which is a blessing each and every jab to the side, ribs, stomach means he's happy and alive)!
He likes to play the poke poke him, he pokes back!
He likes his space and will resist any pressure by moving away from it or kicking and punching back, even if it's a pillow for tummy support at night. Crazy kiddo!
He is taking over my stomach over the last few days and has enjoyed kicking it quite often, making it really hard to eat much cause I get bad heartburn. What will I do for Thanksgiving?!!
He is generally the topic of conversation in our home!
He loves it when his dad talks to him and will start moving!
He tends to get hiccups every night before bed time!
He reacts to loud noises and even jumped when a dish hit the floor behind me.
He has stolen our hearts already!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Venice Canal
Private boats on the Venice Canal River walk
Coming in for landing
Venice Canal
Birds and Waves Malibu, CA
Malibu looking North
Mom, Dad, Stacey
Waves and Pebbles
Manhattan Beach

Come visit ya'll!
We've lived here for just a little over 2 months now, and we've been to around 5 different beaches, all within 30 minutes from our home (depending on traffic of course). So far, we've visited the Santa Monica Pier, Leo Carillo beach in Malibu (pictures above), Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach and the canal, and Malibu Lagoon State Beach! I love them all for different reasons.

Our Halloween Pumpkin Patch

My costume was my stomach. It was my husband's idea and after I came out wearing an orange shirt, he said, "You should be a jack-o-lantern." He's such a genius! Andy went to the pumpkin patch (AKA our front porch) to pick out his pumpkin (purchased at Lowes). He came back with the biggest one!
Picking out my pumpkin from our front porch! We got to make this fun somehow!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Expandible Belly

Here is a belly shot for all those who are wondering. This was taken about 2 weeks ago at around 6 months along, and just imagine it twice as big. I am a human elastic and sometimes at night I really amaze myself when I look down and see this tummy I've got.

Yesterday, whilst at Trader Joes, an employee at the sample booth stopped me and said the following:

"Are you having a girl?" she confidently said
"No. It's a boy." I replied with a look of wonder and curiosity on my face. (Is there something she knows that I dont?)
"Well, You're just carrying so high and I thought for sure it was girl, well um uh, at least that is how it was with both my uh girls," the Trader Joes worker said.
"Yup, He's right up there!" I said pointing to the baby bump.
"Well, I wish you a happy pregnancy and a speedy birth." she finished.
"Thank you," I responded.

That was very kind of her, I hope I have a speedy delivery too, cause you know boys just pop out like cannons right? Then I turn around, sipping a sample of the watery organic lemonade happy to get some sugar in my system and the lady behind me blurts out the following.

"How can you be having a baby? You're a baby yourself!" she blasted.
I really love that the whole store now knows I am having a boy and I just might be a teenage mom...not really!!
I am actually getting close to 30 here, but you know.."
"Hmmm...well good luck to you," she said with a strange look on her face.

I dont mind sharing the joys of pregnancy, but it's funny how curious people become. I cant wait for the question, "How far along are you? You look like you're going to POP." "Thank you...So do you!" Ok, I wouldnt say that, but wouldnt that be funny!


Baby Boy Turner!!!
Approx. due date: January 25th, 2010!!
Looks just like his daddy!!
Kicks mom to sleep every night and every morning!!
Loves to eat all the time, and will kick mom in the stomach to let her know she needs to eat, every 1.5 seconds or else!!

We cant wait to meet you little man!!

We would love recommendations on names for this little one! What are some boy names you love?!